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Sinoptic Music on The BCB Sessions – Wednesday 8th June!

It was a big show this evening – we put the spotlight on the Yorkshire based Hip Hop collective Sinoptic Music including an interview with ExP from Sinoptic plus three tracks from Sinoptic artists (the ones with * below). Plus full details of this weekend’s Rock and Rail festival.

Hercules and Love Affair – Painted eyes
Fleet Foxes – Montezuma
Interview with ExP:
*Lunar C – StillSkint
Caged Animals – Girl on medication
Interview with Noel Hartley about Rock & Rail
Middleman – Chipping away (playing at Rock & Rail)
John Talebot – Families feat. Glasser
Eskmo – We got more (Throwing snow remix)
*Addverse – Out Of Space
Diagrams – Night all night
Jai Paul – BTSU
Barbara Panther – Unchained
*Illuzual – QVE

Next week we’re keeping the focus on Hip Hop with West Yorks Hip Hop acts Tapestry and F4 – Wednesday night from 9pm on 106.6fm in Bradford and

If you’ve got some music you’d like me to play or if you’re in a band and fancy coming in for a sessions then send me an email:

World Waves, Tuesday 7th June 2011

PLAYLIST FOR 7/06/2011

listen again HERE

details of Frank Fairfield gig HERE

see also

Aurel & Victor Gore & Costel Vasilescu – “Hora Lautorilor”
(from Suburban Bucharest: Mahala sounds from Romania, Trikont)

Mitica Burcea – “Soarele Si Luna”
(from World Library of Folk & Primitive Music 17: Romania, Rounder)

Vishnudass Shirali – “Tabla Taranga (Raga Adana)”
(from Victrola Favourites, Dust To Digital)

Stavros Tsouras – “O Stavrakas mes’ ston Teke (Stavros in the Hash Den)”
(from Rembetika 2: More of the secret history of Greece’s underground music, JSP)

Unknown musicians, possibly members of Halkias family – “Aiutos (The Eagle)”
(from Greece in Music and Song, Argo)

Frank Fairfield – “Frazier Blues”
(from Out on the Open West, Tompkins Square)

Delma Lachney – “Le Bebe et le Gambleur”
(from Early American Cajun Music

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From Tim Moon, presenter of Folk Us! on BCB Radio

You know, the thing about BCB in the evening is that we brave presenters are not just players, but, well, players. And that means a lot.
I’ve not been to many gigs in recent times, I’ve found it hard to watch others while going through the writing and recording of the new album ‘The Angel and the Rotter’. I think it was Dylan that said ‘Listen to no one, or listen to everyone.’ I chose the former for a while.
An exception was Fairport at Chesterfield. Fairport are one of those bands who I have been a fan of for years, bought all those Island albums, but who now are friends, well, Peggy and Chris are. Even supported the band, and jammed with them. Amazing musicians. The new album, Festival Bell, may not be Leige and Leif, but noboday can match that period of burning creation. And the new album is a beauty, crafted and full of lovely ideas. Bravely they played it almost in full for the second half of the tour. The first part was a full performance of John Babbacombe Lee, the folk rock opera about the ‘man they couldn’t hang’ that was released in the 70s, and only performed in full once since then. They recieved a standing ovation. They deserved it. Support for the tour was Gilmore and Roberts, fiddle and guitar, female and male. Post Rusby quality. I have them in for interview on the programme in May.
Pip Pip for now. Tim

Eclectic Mainline 13th April 2011

record-store-day-2011It only seems like 364 days since I previewed Record Store Day 2010.  Little did I realise at the time, as I planned my trip into Leeds, that I would be approximately the 100th person to be queuing outside Crash Records when I got there at approximately 08:20 on the day itself.  And little did I realise that it would be over 2 hours before I actually got into the shop.  Oh the enthusiasm of youth.

This year I’m delaying my trip into Leeds until  the afternoon of Record Store Day, and will simply accept the fact that I won’t even be close to beating the donkey-raping shit-eaters* who buy things simply to make a profit from them on eBay.

There are a few things I’m hoping won’t have sold out, but I’m not telling you what in case I tempt fate, and I don’t end up getting them.  I’m particularly interested by the line-up of artists performing at Jumbo Records on Record Store Day.  I will probably be there at about the time when The Singing Adams are perfoming.  It will be nice to say hello to Steve Adams again, as his former band, The Broken Family Band, are the only band who I have had the pleasure of recording sessions with twice here at BCB.

Owiny Sigoma Band are a band who I played in my show tonight, because ‘Wires’ is coming out as a 12″ single on Record Store Day.  Here’s an introduction to the band:

In other news, you might have recently heard me playing some songs from the excellent new 3CD set The Bullet Records Story.  Our Phil Cope has written an excellent review of the set which I would like to suggest you read.  And it seems a mutual back-slapping is the order of the day, as he has just told me he is enjoying my show more than he has ever done before.

Speaking of me playing songs, here’s what  I played tonight:

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Le menu – Wed 28th Feb

Hello you,

Ok, have you seen the bit of paper I wrote the track listings on for last week’s show? It’s A4, white with scrawl on it, probably a bit crumpled by now?Are you hiding it? Help! I’ve looked everywhere AND unpacked every banana box in the flippin living room and it’s just not there. So, I start this post with an apology for bad filing and a promise that I’ll try really hard next week. On the upside, it’s better to listen to the show so put this addy in the bar at the top if you missed it…

and scroll down to click on The BCB Sessions

We’re sending out a big BCB Sessions bon chance to all the bands heading off to SXSW and playing at the Yorks & NE SXSW 2011 Showcase on Sat 19th. Thanks Pat (Timeless Music Project) for coming on the show and making us all jealous! Thanks also to Duane Simon – featured artist of the week…I had your track going round in my head for ages, a proper ear worm.

Now then onwards to this week’s show (Wed 9th March) and we’re doing a full on nod to International Women’s Day with female DJ’s from across BCB’s specialist music schedule and friends of the show talking about their favourite female artists and playing some of their songs. The show’s live from 9pm on 106.6fm and online at If you miss it then you can listen again by clicking on the pink highlights box on the BCB homepage. If there’s a particular female fronted band or artist you’d like to hear then get in touch: and we’ll put a quid in the BCB jukebox and see what happens.

Until Wed at 9,


Special delivery – The BCB Sessions, Wed 16th Feb

Hello you,

Thanks for checking into The BCB Sessions. I’m back from my travels and have got loads of new music to play you…hooray! Here’s what made the show on Wed 16th Feb:

Beardyman – Where does your mind go? (great one to get you going)
Gruff Rhys – Honey all over
Jesca Hoop – City bird (she’s coming to Leeds in March – check out for date)
The Death Set – Slap slap slap pound up down snap (total blow out with this one!)
Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou (BCB Session) – Allotment song (from the archives. Get in touch if you’d like to come in and do a session – email me and we’ll get you on the show).
Thomas Truax – February, what ya doing to me? (quirky monthly installment from TT – top talent)
Stateless – Song for the outsider
Gossip – Heavy cross
Disco Machine Gun – Weekend friends (DMG’s new single – launch on 9th April at Bradford Playhouse, be there).
Lia Ices – Love is won
Flats – Never again
Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern – Winter makes you want more
The Lodger (BCB Session) – I can’t stop
Suuns – Arena (in Leeds on Monday…should be fab).

Get in touch if you’re in a band and you’ve got a tune you’d like to get on the radio. Also, if you’ve got a gig you’d like us to plug – get in touch!

Escort Knights’ Re-mix Competition Winner Announced!

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed this week’s show. We announced the winner of Escort Knights’ re-mix competition – woo…read on to see who got the golden gong.

Here’s a reminder of what we played:

Autokratz – Opposite of Love
Ladytron – Ace of Hz
Blue Roses – Doubtful Comforts
Edwyn Collins – In Your Eyes
Arsonists – Bout That Time (from Matador at 21 box set)
La La & The Boo Ya – Junglest Soldier
Erland & The Carnival – Map of an English Man
Smoke Fairies – Hotel Room
Caribou – Odessa
Escort Knights – Maths Joy Re-mix* (*Re-mix Competition Winner) – I Don’t Know Your Name (Well done, sounds great!)
David Lynch – Good Day Today
Sarabeth Tucek – Get Well Soon
Night Herons – Bury Your Head

If you’d like us to play any of your tracks, or you fancying coming in and recording a session for the show, just drop me a line:

…..and if you’d like to find out even more about getting your music on the radio (not just on The BCB Sessions!), here’s an event you should shimmy along to. Book early because places fill quickly.

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Twee(t) Blog – the Buffet Triumverate Visit Butlins for Bowlie

So the Buffet Belles had a fabulous time at All Tomorrow’s Parties’ Bowlie 2, curated by Belle and Sebastian; but we are far too busy to write up a proper blog – so here are our tweets from the event instead.

(And please tune in for our next show on New Year’s Day at 5pm, and listen out for a buffet special over the holiday period!)

Field Music at ATP, pic by EmmaBob3

Field Music at ATP, pic by EmmaBob3


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Selection Box Show 148

…The catch-up continues, and seen as this particular show was the Leeds Festival review, which has been covered in some extensive detail here, here and here I dare say we can rush this one through fairly quickly without much guilt.

Courtesy of this lovely Soundcloud player you can listen to this show again for a limited period (probably about the length of time it would take to fashion a bust of the head of Skeletor out of mashed up walnut cake). Sadly due to copyright and such blah the show cannot be made available as a downloadable file.

Selection Box Show 148 by PatrickSelection_Box

Us glamourous press types get our own enclave with its own bar and enough room to swing a cat.  Oh yes.

Us glamourous press types get our own enclave with its own bar and enough room to swing a cat. Oh yes.

Selection Box Show 148

Transmitted 06/9/2010

1. Jack Montgomery – Dearly Beloved
from: Ultimate Northern Soul (various artists)

Interview with Biz from Kassius

2. Champion Jack Dupree – Shake Baby Shake
from: The Birth of Rock N Roll (various artists)

3. The Walkmen – I’m Never Bored
from: Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone

Interview with Dave & Jaff from The Futureheads

4. The Futureheads – Park Inn
from: Nul Book Standard EP

5. Caribou – Odessa
from: Swim

Interview with Andy & Kelcey from Local Natives

6. Local Natives – Sun Hands
from: Gorilla Manor

7. British Sea Power – Remember Me
from: The Decline of British Sea Power

Patrick Thornton presents Selection Box every Monday at Midnight.

Post- CONSTELLATIONS musings on festivals

I was 15 when I attended my first festival – U2 at Milton Keynes Bowl, with support from The Ramones, REM, Spear of Destiny and Billy Bragg (who performed at pretty much every festival in the mid to late 1980s). Bono was less pompous then, I was in love with Larry Mullen Jnr, and I’d never seen 50,000 people in one space before – it was quite a big deal for little teenage me. I also got hideously sun-burned and learned my first festival lesson – sun-block.

I haven’t been to that many festivals since, as I decided I actually don’t enjoy them that much. I’ll get excited by a line-up, pay a huge sum of money for maybe three or four bands, then feel disappointed because I can’t see a thing, the sound quality is rubbish, and there are too many drunk people invading my personal space. I’ve often come away from a festival saying “(insert band) were great, but I’d love to see them properly…”

Then I had my first All Tomorrow’s Parties experience. No tents. No portaloos. No sun-block. Amazing bands, decent stages and sound quality – a festival that gives you a proper, intimate gig experience for each band you choose to see. And do you know what else I like? Seats. Standing around all day takes it’s toll, and I am officially middle aged, you know.

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