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Matters relating to Phil Cope’s show, When Big Joan Sets Up, at midnight as Wednesday morphs into Thursday (UK time)

When Big Joan Sets Up 2nd May – Let There Be Light

Three from the long awaited new LP from the magnificent Horrors “Luminous” this week plus a tune from the late DJ Rashad who in a musical climate welded ever more desperately to the forms of the last century made records that brought us things that we’d never heard before and therefore belongs in the same company as the Beefhearts,Mark E Smiths and King Tubbys of the world. He’ll be missed. RIP.

When Big Joan Sets Up 2nd May – The Horrors by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Broncho – “It’s On” (7″) (CQ)
Canadian Winter – “Get The Show On The Road” (LP – “The Snowball Effect”) (Urbnet)
Don Fe – “Jericho” (12″) (Steppas)
The Horrors – “In and Out Of Sight” (LP – “Luminous”) (XL)
DJ Rashad – “Rollin’ (EP – “Rollin’) (Hyperdub)
Limewax – “Various Castrations” (12″) (Yellow Stripe)
Phil Cockerham – “I’m So Happy I’m A Banker” (LP – “Waiting For The Age Of Reason”) (Self Released)
Chain and The Gang – “Devitalize” (LP – “Minimum Rock’N’Roll”) (Fortuna Pop)
Santo and Johnny – “Sleepwalk” (LP – “Santo and Johnny”) (Canadian-American)
The Horrors – “Sleepwalk” (LP – “Luminous”) (XL)
Sleaford Mods – “A Little Ditty” (LP – “Divide And Exit”) (Harbinger Sound)
IZC – “Zig Zag” (12″) (disko404)
Girl One and The Greaseguns – “Veronica” (EP – “No Longer Spellbound”) (Squirrel)
Soul Syndicate – “Prepare Jah Man Version” (7″) (Wackies)
The Horrors – “Falling Star” (LP – “Luminous”) (XL)
Defrag – “Stilt Walkers” (LP – “Drown”) (Hymen)

When Big Joan Sets Up 25th April – The Hand of Alpha and Omega

Three tracks from “The Half That’s Never Been Told” a collection of never before released tracks from UK Dub royalty Alpha and Omega in tonight’s programme.

When Big Joan Sets Up 25th April – Alpha and Omega by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Bass Clef – “Self-Perpetuating Fun Loop” (EP – “Raven Yr Own Worl”) (Pan)
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – “Until The Sun Explodes” (LP – “Days Of Abandon”) (Fierce Panda)
T.I.T.S. – “Coma Girl” (LP – “T.I.T.S.”) (Teenage Menopause)
Alpha and Omega – “Rhythm Of The Ancients” (LP – “The Half That’s Never Been Told”) (Steppas)
Satanicpornocultshop – “Hot Musique” (LP – “frEEwheelin”) (Neji)
Bob Dylan – “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright” (LP – “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”) (Columbia)
Purna Das Baul & Bapi Das Baul – “Mr. Tambourine Man” (VA LP – “From Another World – A Tribute To Bob Dylan”) (Buda Musique)
Fennesz – “Static Kings” (LP – “Bécs”) (Editions Mego)
The Oh Sees – “Put Some Reverb On My Brother” (LP – “Drop”) (Castleface)
Alpha and Omega – “King Of The Jungle” (LP – “The Half That’s Never Been Told”) (Steppas)
The Empath – “Growing Unrest (Rage Union)” (Download) (Hymen)
Girl One and The Greaseguns – “No Longer Spellbound” (EP – “No Longer Spellbound”) (Squirrel)
Impaled Nazerene – “Apocalypse Principle” (LP – “Vigorous and Liberating Death”) (Osmose Productions)
Deekline and Ed Solo – “Hot This Year” (EP – “Jungle Cakes Vol.27″) (Jungle Cakes UK)
Alpha and Omega – “Things Getting Hotter” (LP – “The Half That’s Never Been Told”) (Steppas)
Wolf Alice – “Storms” (EP – “Creature Songs”) (Dirty Hit)

Record Store Day – The Death Of The Cool

I didn’t go to my local independent record shop today. I did go last week and the week before that. It was great – full of new releases on a variety of formats and friendly knowledgable staff who were happy to while away an hour chatting to a strange little man about dubstep,death metal,obscure rockabilly records and cover versions of Bob Dylan songs in Bengali.

I looked through the racks of CD’s and LP’s and 7″ singles, my eye occasionally falling across something with an odd looking sleeve or a name I vaguely remember seeing on a blogpost or in the NME. They’d even taken the time to put little handwritten messages on some of the records to help me choose:

“Moody and off-kilter electronics with a synth-pop pulse and bent-out-of-shape vocals.”
“Sweeping drone-ambient with sound sources drawn solely from a self-built analogue synthesizer….”
“rock-solid combination of garage / surf / rockabilly / blues /punk. Check this out if you’re into the Cramps or Tav Falco.”

I spent a leisurely couple of hours in the sparsely populated shop (it’s not a fucking STORE, it’s in fucking LEEDS) and having happily forked over 30 quid for a selection of things most of which I’d never heard off two hours earlier I left the shop replete with that slightly queasy combination of guilt at spending too much money and excitement at the prospect of new tunes that I always get when leaving a record shop and skipped home.

It never occurred to me what colour vinyl the three 7″ singles I’d bought might be or what quantity the CD’s I’d bought had been produced in.

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When Big Joan Sets Up 18th April – Beware of Ian McShane

Good Friday’s programme with three tracks from Italian post-rock/jazz/post jazz/post post rock/fuck knows really instrumentalists Junkfood

When Big Joan Sets Up 18th April – Junkfood by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

D.Charles Speer and The Helix – “Bootlegging Blues” (LP – “Double Exposure”) (Thrill Jockey)
Chroma – “Territories” (12″) (Renegade Hardware)
The 13th Floor Elevators – “She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) (LP – “Easter Everywhere”) (International Artists)
Junkfood – “The Maze” (LP – “The Cold Summer Of The Dead”) (Travorabato Parade)
Clinton Fearon – “Long Run,Short Catch” (LP – “Goodness”) (Boogie Brown Productions)
Fear Of Men – “Alta/Waterfall” (LP – “Loom”) (Kanine)
Higgs Boson – “Drop Acid Not Bombs” (split 7″ with LovGun) (Glass To The Face/The Dirty Seven Conspiracy)
LovGun – “Mélanie” (split 7″ with Higgs Boson) (Glass To The Face/The Dirty Seven Conspiracy)
Junkfood – “The Quiet Sparkle” (LP – “The Cold Summer Of The Dead”) (Travorabato Parade)
Dowster and Vagabond – “Shazam” (Download single) (Candy Crush)
Duane Eddy – “Shazam” (7″) (London)
Ava Luna – “Plain Speech” (LP – “Electric Balloon”) (Western)
Clipping – “Story 2″ (LP – “CLPPNG”) (Sub Pop)
Chad Van Gaalen – “Cosmic Destroyer” (LP – “Shrink Dust”) (Sub Pop)
Junkfood – “As One” (LP – “The Cold Summer Of The Dead”) (Travorabato Parade)
Downliners Sekt – “This American Life” (LP – “Silent Ascent”) (InFiné)

When Big Joan Sets Up 11th April – It’s Astounding.Time Is Fleeting.

Three from “Small Town Heroes” the current LP by exemplary folk-blues ensemble Hurray For The Riff Raff provides the main event on this week’s programme plus the first new Jack White track in ages,a Coasters’ tune gets an agreeable sludge rock makeover from the Ukiah Drag and horse racing commentator Peter O’Sullivan makes his BCB debut. He did very well.

When Big Joan Sets Up 11th April – Hurray For The Riff Raff by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Linton Kwesi Johnson – “Wat About Di Working Class” (LP – “Reality Poems – The Best of Linton Kwesi Johnson”) (Spectrum)
Jack White – “High Ball Stepper” (Download) (Third Man)
Mille and Andrea – “Drop The Vowels” (LP – “Drop The Vowels”) (Modern Love)
Typewriter – “Not Afraid” (LP – “Nobody Clears Out A Room Like…”) (Bandcamp)
Rev. Robert Wilkins – “Prodigal Son” (LP – “Prodigal Son”) (Bear Family)
Cleric – “Patteron One” (EP – “Pattern”) (Figure)
Prince Fatty and Mungo’s Hi Fi feat Horseman – “Horsemove” (LP – “Prince Fatty vs. Mungo’s Hi Fi) (Mr Bongo)
The Ukiah Drag – “Poison Ivy” (7″) (Katorga Works)
Hurray For The Riff Raff – “Crash On The Highway” (LP – “Small Town Heroes”) (ATO)
Hurray For The Riff Raff – “The Body Electric” (LP – “Small Town Heroes”) (ATO)
Hurray For The Riff Raff – “Forever Is Just A Day” (LP – “Small Town Heroes”) (ATO)
Tobacco – “Video Warning Attempts” (LP – “Ultima II Massage”) (Ghostly International)
Carsick Cars – “Wei Cheng” (LP – “3″) (Maybe Mars)
The Hollies – “Carrie-Anne” (LP – “20 Golden Greats”) (Parlophone)
Calibre feat MC DRS – “Eschaton” (LP – “Shelflife 3″) (Signature)

When Big Joan Sets Up 4th April – Three Times wi’ Scraps

“Electric Ocean” the new LP from Scraps was the focus of our attentions tonight. Scraps is the musical nom de plume of Brisbane’s Laura Hill whose sound is described by aintgotno on Facebook as ” Kimya Dawson/the Moldy Peaches & Fever Ray’s bubbly lovechild” which will do for us.

Added to this harrowingly beautiful sub bass from Killing Sound, a new LP from The Nightingales and the end of the first World War.

As mentioned on the programme there’s some of our tunes from WW1 plus loads of other vintage music at The University of California Wax Cylinder Digitization Project here

When Big Joan Sets Up 4th April – Scraps by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Photo from Fire Records
Killing Sound – “Waterboxing” (EP – “Killing Sound”) (Blackest Ever Black)
The Nightingales – “Dumb and Drummer” (LP – “For Fuck’s Sake”) (Self Released)
…Of Sinking Ships – “Suddenly No More Brilliant Lights In Our Sky” (LP – “The Amarinthine Sea”)(Broken Circles)
Scraps – “Mushroom Gods” (LP – “Electric Ocean”) (Fire)
Blah – “Grumpy” (Download) (Biogenetic)
Eternal Summers – “Gouge” (LP – “The Drop Beneath”) (Kanine)
Sizzla – “Put Down The Gun” (LP – “Nuh Worry Unu Self”) (John John)

Records of the First World War – 1918

Enrico Caruso – “Over There”
Al Jolson – “Rock A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody”
Courtland and Jefferies – Goodbye-ee

Scraps – “Asleep” (LP – “Electric Ocean”) (Fire)
The Channels – “7″ (LP – Lo-Fruit”) (Bandcamp)
Bass Clef – “Neon Black and Vulcane”) (EP – “Bugbranded”) (Public Information)
The Cavemen – “Juvenile Delinquent” (7″) (1:12 Records)
Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers – “I’m Not A Juvenile Delinquent” (7″) (Gee)
Scraps – “Gone” (LP – “Electric Ocean”) (Fire)

When Big Joan Sets Up 21st March – Vivians’ Valedictory

On the day that people who tie their jumpers round their necks and have share portfolios rejoiced that indolent,caterwauling Radio 2 uber-bore Kate Bush has remembered what her job is, Big Joan wiped a tear from it’s metaphorical eye and bade farewell to the mighty Vivian Girls with highlights of their final live performance recorded at Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg, New York at the beginning of the month.

For those unaware the Vivs are (were) a three piece band who between 2008 and 2011 released three astonishing LP’s and seven equally astonishing 7″ singles that sounded like the Shangri La’s covering Nirvana’s “Bleach” whilst being force-fed Wonka Bars.

To leaven the emotional tension we also had a host of top tunes including three from that golden year 1916. Where were you?

NB: As objected to the use of the Vivian Girls material I’ve taken it down. You can hear the full gig at their website.

When Big Joan Sets Up 21st March – The Vivian Girls’ Final Live Performance by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

DJ Rashad,Moondoctor,and Freshtildef – “Fresh On The Moon” (LP – “WTF”) (Freshmoon)
Righteous Foundation – “Back To Ethiopia” (V/A LP – “Island Records Presents: 37 Essential Roots Anthems 1974-1978) (Island)

The Vivian Girls – Recorded Live at Baby’s All Right – Williamsburg New York March 2,2014 (
“Walking Alone At Night”
“I Have No Fun”
“Wild Eyes”
“I Heard You Say”

Nochexxx – “Exholst” (LP – “Thrusters”) (Ramp)
Primitive Parts – “Signal” (7″) (Sex Beat)

Records of The First World War – 1916
George Formby Snr. – “My Grandfather’s Clock”
Murray Johnson – “Pack Up Your Troubles”
Vess L. Osman’s Banjo Orchestra – “Universal Foxtrot”

Little Feat – “Fat Man In The Bathtub” (Box Set – “Rad Gumbo: The Complete Warner Brothers Years 1971-1990″)

The Vivian Girls – Recorded Live at Baby’s All Right – Williamsburg New York March 2, 2014 (
“Out For The Sun”
“Tell The World”
“Telepathic Love”
“All The Time”

Liars – “Boyzone” (LP – “Mess”) (Mute)

When Big Joan Sets Up 14th March – “Nobody likes the records that you play”

So goes the lilting refrain of track one in tonight’s honking hootenanny, Minimal Allianz’s “Nobody”,thus providing a hefty dose of what admirers of Shergar faced 90′s irritant Alanis Morrisettte will recognise as irony.

On top of this we also had three tracks of filth-caked excellence from the new Black Lips LP “Underneath The Rainbow” and continued our look at the popular tunes of World War One with three tracks from 1915.

Like rain on your wedding day.

When Big Joan Sets Up 14th March – Black Lips by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Minimal Allianz – “Nobody” (Download) (Scandal Bizz)
The Oh Sees – “Penetrating Eye” (Download single) (Castleface)
Loudon Wainwright III – “Housework” (LP – “Grown Man”) (Virgin)
Black Lips – “Make You Mine” (LP – “Underneath The Rainbow”) (Vice)
Hi-Ba-Ri – “Hi-Ba-Ri” (Download single) (Terminal Explosion)
Bounty Killer – “What We Need” (V/A LP – “Internet Riddim”) (Sandra Carson Productions)
The Fall – “What You Need” (LP – “This Nation’s Saving Grace”) (Beggars Banquet)

Records of The First World War – 1915
The National Military Band – “Colonel Bogey March”
Morton Harvey – “I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier”
Marie Lloyd – “A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good”

Black Lips – “Justice After All” (LP – “Underneath The Rainbow”) (Vice)
DJ Earl and Heavee – “Good Life” (LP – “Audio Fixx 2″) (Self Released)
Bushman feat Chuck Fenda – “Tough Time” (EP – “Tough Time”) (Kingston Sounds)
Black Lips – “Dog Years” (LP – “Underneath The Rainbow”) (Vice)
Planetary Assault Systems – “Future Modular (Subtracted Mix) (EP – “Future Modular”) (Mote Evolver)

When Big Joan Sets Up 28th February – Skank Williamz

Y’know like Hank Williams but he does reggae and he’s called Mr Williamz so, “skank” you know, like reggae …oh please yourselves.

When Big Joan Sets Up 28th February – Mr Williamz by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

Burnside Eleven – “Obsession Song” (LP – “Cheap Diamonds”) (Retard)
Dowster and Vagabond – “Come On” (Download single) (Candy Crush)
Cab Calloway and his Orchestra – “Come On With The Come On” (LP – “The Hi-De-Ho Man”) (Revola)
Mr Williamz – “Babylon In Helicopter” (LP – “Set The Standard”) (Necessary Mayhem)
Ctrls – “Sweep” (EP – “Movements”) (Token)
Trick Mammoth – “Vesper II” (LP – “Floristry”) (Fishrider/Occultation)
Two Friends Crew – “Roughneck Dub” (V/A Box Set – “Evolution Of Dub Vol.8 -The Search For New Life”) (VP)
Myocardial Infarction – “Moldy Corrupt Genocider” (LP – “Revitalisation Of The Perniciousness”) (Bloodcurdling Enterprises)
Mr Williamz – “London” (LP – “Set The Standard”) (Necessary Mayhem)
Can Can Heads – “Breakdiscodance” (LP – “Butter Life”) (Karkia Mistika)
Sun Araw – “Solo Wallet Shuffle” (LP – “Belomancie”) (Drag City)
The Haden Triplets – “When I Stop Dreaming” (LP – “The Haden Triplets”) (Third Man)
Nasty Habits – “Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)” (12″) (31 Recordings)
Mr Williamz – “Shout It Out” (LP – “Set The Standard”) (Necessary Mayhem)
Wayfarer – “Azuma” (EP – “Afterlight”) (Uprise Audio)

When Big Joan Sets Up 21st February – Bring Me Sunn0)))shine

A drone rock/black metal showdown tonight as we aired exactly one third of the superlative new collaboration between Sunn 0))) and Ulver “Terrestrials” and started the programme with a bunch of 11 year olds gleefully mauling the favourite song of call centre managers who wear rugby union tops on casual Friday and keep a spare squash racket in the boot.

That rock ‘n’roll, eh? That rock’n’roll, it just won’t go away.

When Big Joan Sets Up 21st February – Sunn 0))) and Ulver by Phil Cope on Mixcloud

The Cuteyhearts – “We Will Rock You” (LP – “We Save The World”) (Bandcamp)
Nuerokontrol and Hielo – “Morning Wings” (V/A EP – “Graffiti Sonore Vol.6″) (AstroFonix)
Guided By Voices – “Difficult Outburst and Breakthrough” (LP – “Motivational Jumpsuit”) (Fire)
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – “Take Away These Early Grave Blues” (LP – “Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything”) (Constellation)
Carlton and The Shoes – “Me and You” (V/A LP – “Studio One Rocksteady”) (Soul Jazz)
L-Vis 1990 feat Jammin’ Gerald – “Move It” (EP – “L-Vis 1990 presents Dance System”) (Jack For Daze)
Can Can Heads – “The Annoying and The Greedy” (LP – “Butter Life”) (Karkia Mistika)
Can Can Heads – “Spastomatiko” (LP – “Butter Life”) (Karkia Mistika)
Sunn 0))) and Ulver – “Eternal Return” (LP – “Terrestrials”) (Southern Lord)
Week of Wonders – “Piggybacks” (V/A LP – “Isaac Loves You,Especially You”) (BDLGs)
Cashmere Cat – “Wedding Bells” (EP – “Wedding Bells”) (LuckyMe)
Gene Vincent and The Bluecaps – “Wedding Bells” (LP -”Bluejean Bop!”) (Capitol)
Frank Fairfield – “Devil’s Dream Medley” (7″) (Third Man)
Sub Foundation – “Rational Anthem” (7″) (Eko Deck)