Kate Walsh – Light & Dark

In the first of what will hopefully become a regular feature, thought I’d give a quick overview of a new album which has

taken my fancy this week.

Kate Walsh’s second album Tim’s House, so named because it was recorded in the eponymous buiding of a friend’s home, became a surprise hit on iTunes in 2007, after the track Talk of the Town was given away free and consumers decided to check out the rest of the album.

This week saw the release of follow-up album Light & Dark, and thankfully the jaunty nature of lead single June Last Year belies the continuing beautific fragility of Walsh’s songwriting.

Kate Walshs Light & Dark album
Kate Walsh’s Light & Dark album

The title track – first unveiled to live audiences shortly after the release of Tim’s House – is a bewitching example of powerfully frail heartmeltery, and album opener As He Pleases sours powerfully whilst understanding that true art lies in reiging in the excesses of the emotional.

Listen to the album here: katewalsh.co.uk/audio/

Kate Walsh can be seen on Tour throughout the UK in September & October. See here for dates: katewalsh.co.uk/tour/