New Era…Farewell Yorkshire

Looking forward to living in Dickensian London

Looking forward to living in Dickensian London

That’s right kids, I am off, leaving Yorkshire for other pastures for some time to come. My work as a media graphicsy person has lead to two inevitable concussions. First I bought a overpriced ‘designer PC’ that offers hardly anything over a standard laptop, in the form of a Mac Book apart from a more intelligent marketing campaign. The other is I am moving to London.

But ADAM! I hear you cry what ever will happen to ‘The Show’…Well co-host Katie is taking the reigns of cultural magazine slot and will steer the show in whatever direction she feels fit.  Saturday 6 while 7. For my last show we took a look at some of our “best bits” (LOL) from the last 16 months or so, and quite frankly I just played what I wanted to.

I will continue to write for the music blog, and report from London town any interesting musical findings (my lack of posts lately has been down to me having to move houses etc).

Thanks to everyone while I have been doing the show at BCB. I have been to a couple of festivals, and many gigs and build the very blog you read now and met some wonderful people. It’s been a blast and I am sure you will hear from me again in the not too distant future.

The show will of course go on, with co-host Katie taking the hotseat. She is a steady hand on the rudder and I very much look forward to listening to see what direction our cultural magazine goes.

Ear wax tastes funny.



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  1. avatarkatie

    New show feature – how can katie fill an hour without adam wittering on about his ego?! arg.

    Actual potential show feature – johnny cash’s opinion on current issues (through the medium of song)


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