SCREAMER Playlists 3rd Dec 2009 to 11th Feb 2010

Here are the latest Screamer playlists:

3rd December 2009
Gallows – Misery
Foo Fighters – All my life
Deathstars – Mark of the gun
Black Spiders – St Peter
A Last Concern – Don’t Power off song loading
Divine Heresy – Royal Blood Heresy
Dead by April Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan (Slipknot) remix – Angels of Clarity
The Ghost Frequency – Never before have I seen a man alive that looks so
exactly like a skeleton
Severe Zero – I want to be right here (for christmas)
Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t let the bells end)
Sonatarctica – Flag in the ground
Dragonforce – Through the fire and flames

31st December 2009
Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the name
Dragonforce – Heroes of our time
Off with their heads – Keep falling down
Time to burn – Emma Peel
The freezing fog – The dweller upon the threshold of time
Unbderoath – Desperate times, desperate measures
Rotten sound – Alternews
Uriah Heep – Free and easy
Mouth of the architect – Rocking chairs and shot guns
The bronx – Knifeman
Maylene and the asons of disaster
Young livers – Fair well
Fact – Reborn

21st January 2010
Epica – Unleashed
Scar Symmetry – Noumenon and Pheunomenon
Serpico – Godforsaken
Codejak – Hell yeah
The ghost of a thousand – Running on empty
People in planes – Mayday (m’aidez)
A last concern – Don’t power off song loading
Alesana – This is usually the part where people scream
Primitai – The craft
HIM – Heartkiller
Framing Hanley – hear me now
Nashville Pussy – Drunk driving man
Muse – Resistance

28th January 2010
HIM – Heartkiller
Buster Rymes Ft Linkin Park – We made it
Mustasch – The audeince is listening
Gallows – Misery
A storm of light- Thunderhead
The Rocket Dolls – Frame
CodeJak – Pull out your knife
Pink Grease – All over you
The 69 eyes – Dead N Gone
Rage – Purified
Alexisonfire – Born and Raised

4th February 2010
A Last Concern – Head Held High
Tombs – Gossamer
Zico Chain – Food
Drone – The Set Up
Machine Head – Halo (Live)
Megadeth – Gears of war
Bury Tomorrow – Her bones in the sand
Sondura – Live before you die
Remmus – James Earl Jones
Devildriver – Back with a vengeance
CKY – And she never returned

11th February 2010
The 69 eyes – Dead N Gone
Mnemic – Diesel Uterus
The Rocket Dolls – Bleeding the shame
HIM – Heartkiller
Codejak – Pull out your knife
Gamma Ray – Radio Master
Mustasch – I’m Frustrated
Dead by April – Losing you (acoustic)
Rammstein – Ich Tv Dir Weh
Hadouken – Ugly
Eluveitie – thousand Fold
Dragon Force – Heroes of our time
Muse – Resistance