Neil Hannon interview (I don’t like cricket, I love it)

Arhh haha, It’s not really Patrick here at all, it’s Adam. But I am posting on behaf of the blue haired chap from the picture on the left (he has gone to France). I am posting up his interview with Neil Hannon best know for The Divine Comedy (and My Lovely Horse). The interview was broardcast on Patrick’s Monday night show, where he spoke mainly on the subject of ‘The Duckworth Lewis Method.  If you have not heard the album you can listen to the whole thing on spotify here (I just listened to the whole thing 3 times over; it’s very good on the ears).  Anyhow enough of this written primative word;  click play to hear the interview…

Neil Hannon Interview (download)

3 thoughts on “Neil Hannon interview (I don’t like cricket, I love it)

  1. avatarDave

    Being Irish (and henceforth, cricket-challenged), it’s kind of refreshing to find out that Javed Miandad was chosen just for the lyricism!

  2. avatarForeign bird

    Being Irish, I had never really noticed that there are no crickets here. But now that you mention it, i’ve only ever really heard them in fillums.
    This interview is rather good though, especially the first bit where he witters on about cake, and then says that all the oirish have the sexiest accents. what a pity he’s tone deaf.(the interviewer – neil hannon is cleary, not.)

  3. avatarForeign bird

    oh jesus, now that i’ve listened to it a bit more, I realise that I haven’t the faintest clue of what they’re tawking about. It really is all about bloody cricket.

    still good though.

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