When Big Joan Sets Up – Vote Sutch!

screaminglsWell, if he wasn’t dead you could. Last night’s When Big Joan Sets Up rode a big fat coach and horses through the Ofcom guidlines by playing a record by the 20th Century’s longest serving leader of a politcal party (I haven’t checked this, so don’t pull me up on it – I’m printing the legend), Screaming Lord Sutch which was plucked from the corners of my dad’s records collection , plus, and equally bonkers, in it’s way an epic peice from the mighty Can recorded in 1973. Oh and seeing as though we’re supposed to be a new music prgramme some new tunes too. Oh, and Annie Nightingale is a national treasure.

The Tunes:
Wild Evel and The Trashbones – “It’s A Monster!” (7″) (Hey Girl)
Mose Allison – “Modest Proposal” (LP – “Way Of The World”) (Anti)
Clatterbox – “Snap To Grid” (LP – “Future Echoes”) (Open Concept)
Delroy Melody and Trinity – “Natty Dread She Want/Pain A Back” (v/a LP “Joe Gibbs Reggae Discomix Volume 4″) (17 North Parade)
X-Ray Spex – “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!” (7″) (Virgin)
Ziku Nana – “N’Kire Txera” (v/a LP – “Funana and Batuku 6″) (Frayns)
Eprom – “Shoplifter” (12″) (Bad Acid)
Can – “Up The Bakerloo Line With Annie Nightingale” (LP – “Peel Sessions 1973 – 1975″) (Strange Fruit)
Hybrid Viscery – “Sodomized By A Yeti” (v/a LP – “Intestinal Milkshake”) (Grindelicious)
Prince Polo – “Do You Belive In Dinosaurs?” (LP- “Pallies”) (Self Released Get It At http://www.mediafire.com/?wg5ezy3jdnm )
Screaming Lord Sutch – ” I’m A Hog For You Baby” (7″) (Decca)
The Owl Service – “Haul The Plough” (download EP – “Rise Me Lads”) (Rif Mountain)
Unknown – “Betty Ford” (12″ – “Hardwork Series #2″) (Cannibal Society)