The BCB Sessions’ playlist 14th July

Here we go…
Part 1 of 2 shows featuring music from bands competing to win a slot at Bingley Music Live!

Playlist – Wed 14 July
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly – Collapsing Cities
Health – Die Slow (Tobacco remix)
Phoenix – Armistice
The Dawnriders* – Gold Rush
Cherry Ghost – Kissing Strangers
The Beat Marshalls* – Best Before
Thomas Fehlmann – fluss im wasser
Caitlin Rose – Piano (t-shirt version)
Patrick Pulsinger – A-Z Radioedit feat. Teresa Rotschopf
Northern Glory* – Check the Nation
Figure 8 – Secrets & Lies
Johnny Flynn – Barnacled Warship
Gotan Project – La Gloria
Black Diamond Bay* – Peace

Let me know who you think should be doing the honours and opening up proceedings…I’ll be playing the four other finallists on next week’s show.