The BCB Sessions – double helping

Hi folks,

How’s your week been? Mine’s been hectic so apologies for tardiness with tracklistings…it means there’s a double dose in this message.

Loads of great music out there at the mo – hope you enjoy the show.

Get in touch if you’re in a band and have some tunes you’d like me to play:

Have a great time if you’re off to Bingley Music Live!


Wed 1 Sept
Vampire Weekend – White sky
The pains of being pure at heart – say no to love
Matthew Dear – Soil to seed
Frightened rabbit – Old old fashioned (BCB session 2008)
The Arcade Fire – Rococo
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Push the envelope
Printed circuit – Adventure games
Anti pop consortium – Volcano (Four tet remix)
Chief – Night and day
Karen Elson – Season of the witch
Zola Jesus – Sea Talk
Neon Indian – Deadbeat summer
School of seven bells – Heart is strange

Wed 25 Aug
Women – Eyesore
Caitlin Rose – Shanghai Cigarettes
Foxy Shazam – Oh Lord
The Duke and the King – Shaky
Kava Kava – Clarity (two macs and a projector mix)
Spank Rock – What it looks like (Todd Edwards Remix)
Maps and atlases – the charm
Irn Mnky and Pez – Walk with a wobble on
Rose Elinor Dougall – Start/Stop/Synchro
Camera Obscura – The nights are cold
White Rabbits – The salesman (tramp life)
Eskmo – Cloudlight
Night herons – Bury your head


2 thoughts on “The BCB Sessions – double helping

  1. avatarAlbert

    I love this Four Tet remix of Anti-Pop Consortium s Volcano. I recall playing it last year I think when it first came out.

    I hope that cake you ate didn’t do you any harm..!

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