In C

A quick blog post about something pretty interesting today I hope…The birth of minimalism. Back in the 1960s american composer Terry Riley put together a piece of music known as ‘In C’ referring I presume to something musical. Is is quite often cited as the first ever pice of minimalist music production (probably as a result of the post modernist culture around at the time) and probably gave way to Brian Eno, and Philip Glass, who is quite often used in movie montages that involve people calculating numbers. When you listen to this work you can hear its influences on various electronic moments around today. Reasserting my believe, that [this music’ was not all made by ‘blokes on drugs’ in some horrendous over simplified cliched manner that clubbers might spurt out half was though a night.

Anyway. Last year the Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble in Americi decided that In C needed an update/homage. They commissioned a few artists to produce there own versions of in C, and put it out as an album. I have heard quite a few tracks from the album and they make very interesting listing. Below is a sample from the album but it does not do it justice….GO BUY

In C Remixed • GVSU New Music Ensemble by BillRyan