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March Sun

March Sun


Rob’s Email Tips, One:
How to kill an email conversation.
Just ask a direct question.
With a question mark.
9 times out of 10 you’ll get no reply.


Our colleagues at BCB’s World Waves programme have begun to post their fascinating playlists at the BCB blog Untitled

Their programmes are perhaps even more eclectic than ours, and available for a month at the BCB Listen Again website – the latest is here


Things I read this week

“We walk among the layers of disintegrating coral, along the straggling line of brown sea-wrack, dizzy with jumping sand hoppers. We stand among the flotsam, the odd shoes and tins, hot-water bottles and skulls of sheep or deer. We know nothing. We look daily at the appalling mystery of plain stuff. We stand where any upright food-gatherer has stood, on the edge of our unconscious, and hope, perhaps, for the terror and excitement of the print of a single foot.”
William Golding, quoted here

thanks to the Moorhead Kid

Jennifer Egan’s book A Visit From The Goon Squad, which I am eking out in small chunks to make it last as long as possible.

“… ever since Plato, the mainstream opinion has been that the mind is the organ of thought; thinking is what the mind is for, and we act as we do because we think what we do.

But psychologists, for the last hundred years or so, have mostly viewed that sort of ‘intellectualism’ as an embarrassing remnant of the Enlightenment: behaviourists say that the question of what minds are for doesn’t arise, since there aren’t any. Freudians say that the myth that we think is a sort of cover story that the mind tells itself to avoid having to confess to its libidinous urges. Associationists say that we don’t need a mind to think with (‘we don’t need an “executive”’ is how they put it) because ideas think themselves in virtue of the mechanical connections among them. And neuropsychologists say that since the mind is the brain, we don’t need the one because we have the other. “

Jerry Fodor, from the London Review of Books



15 May

Burning Spear – Live Good – Collector’s Edition: Rare Reggae From The Vaults of Studio One CD – Heartbeat
Richard ‘Rabbit’ Brown – James Alley Blues – Harry Smith’s Anthology Of American Folk Music 6xCD – Smithsonian Folkways
Jah Lion – Colombia Colly – Colombia Colly CD – Mango
Magic Sam – All Your Love – Magic Sam: With A Feeling! CD – Westside
Gregory Isaacs – The Fugitive – Once Ago CD – Virgin
Juju – Nightwalk – In Trance CD – Real World
Lloyd Charmers – Death A Come – Skinhead Revolt CD – Trojan
John Lee Hooker – Ground Hog Blues – Boogie Man CD – Orbis
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Rebel’s Hop – Soul Rebels CD – Receiver
Tamikrest – Dihad Tedoun Itran – Toumastin CD – Glitterhouse
Lyle Lovett – Family Reserve – Joshua Judges Ruth CD – MCAfor everyone who knew Steve – more next week
Davey Graham – She Moved Through The Bizarre/Blue Ragga – After Hours At Hull University 4th February 1967 – Rollercoaster
Mohd Rafi, Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle – Main Idhar, Jaon Ya Udhar Jaon – Sufis At The Cinema: 50 Years Of Bollywood Qawwali & Sufi Song 1958-2007 2xCD – Saregama
Nightmares On Wax – Les Nuits – Carboot Soul CD – Warp

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