When Big Joan Sets Up 26th May – On-U Special

on-u-sound1In this week’s thrilling episode we paid tribute to Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound records, arguably the most consistently brilliant British record label of the last thirty years and the reason I had to get a weekend job in the roughest pub in Ponty when I was 17 so that I could afford to buy pretty much every single one of their releases that Crash records stocked.

Adrian, if you’re reading this I got a fruit machine thrown at me in 1988 for you – and it was worth it (although I may not be saying that if it’d hit me).

The tunes
Kill Baby Kill – “Hunting For The Dead” (EP – “Sometimes, They Come Back”) (Self Released)
Jeff Mills – “Transformation Complete” (LP – “The Power”) (Axis)
Gallhammer – “Aberration” (LP – “The End”) (Peaceville)
Loudon Wainright III – “Screaming Issue” (Box Set – “40 Odd Years”) (Shout Factory)
Pleasure and Origin – “Dub After Dub” (12″) (Philles Blunt)
Girls’ Names – “Seance On A Wet Afternoon” (LP – “Dead To Me”) (Tough Love)
Johnny Pluse – “Blind Tap Dancer” (LP – “Lasers, Lasers, We Need More Lasers”) (Bulabeats)

On-U-Sound Mix

Prince Far-I/Singers And Players – “Virgin”(10″) (On-U-Sounds)
African Headcharge and Professor Stretch – “Brother Of Reality” (LP – “Drums Of Defiance”) (On-U-Sound)
New Age Steppers – “Some Love” (v/a LP – “Pay It All Back Volume 1″) (On-U-Sound)
Mark Stewart And The Maffia – “Jerusalem” (12″)
Tackhead – “Ticking Timebomb” (LP – “Friendly As A Hand Grenade”) (On-U-Sound)
The Barmy Army – “Billy Bonds M.B.E.” (v/a LP – “Pay It All Back Volume 2″) (On-U-Sound)

Creem – “Good Riddance” (7″) (Katorga Works)