When Big Joan Sets Up 20/10/11 – Scott Brown: Better Than Ian

“If Elvis were around today, I think he’d really understand happy hardcore” – John Peel

This week , a tribute to the UK’s longest running happy hardcore label Evolution records and it’s founder Scott Brown, as it (and he) celebrates 100 releases with 4 EP’s featuring Scott’s greatest works remixed by a panoply of HH luminaries, by welding together a track from each in to a mind blowing, if inexpertly mixed 20 minute thunderstorm in the latter half of the programme.

Far be it from me to suggest that producing 100 scintillating 12″‘s since 1994, might be a greater signifier of excellence, than making a good LP 20 odd years ago, then dicking about for 5 years before coming back with a shite one and splitting up in a huff like certain recently ressurected Manchester bands.

Fool’s Gold indeed.

Omar Soulyeman – “Mendel” (LP -”Haflat Gharbia – The Western Concerts”) (Sublime Frequencies)
Polvo – “Heavy Detour” (7″) (Merge)
B.A Johnson – “Sesame Streetfight” (v/a 7″ “Bloodstains Across Ontario”) (Mammoth Recording Co.)
Oneohtrix Point Never – “Power Of Pursuasion” (LP – “Replica”) (Software)
David Kosky and Damien O’Kane – “Frolics: The Welcome Return/ Fi’s Frolics” (LP – ‘The Mystery Inch”) (Pure)
Grandfather – “Dancing Crow” (LP – “Stand In The Corner and Punch Yourself In The Face To Have A Good Time”) (grandfather.bandcamp.com)
DJ Pillsbuury – “Hornz” (download EP – “King Of The Cicero Beatdown Vol.3″) (Juke Trax Online)
Lydia Loveless – “How Many Women” (LP – “Indestructable Machine”) (Bloodshot)
Lea-Anna – “Sway” (download single) (Adde Productions)
Bert Jansch – Come and Sing Me A Happy Song To Prove That We Can All Get Along The Lumpy, Bumpy, Long And Dusty Road” (LP – “Birthday Blues”) (Transatlantic)
Scott Brown – “Turn Up The Music – Marc Smith and Al Storm’s Live Mix” (download EP – “Evolution 100″) (Evolution)
Scott Brown – “Now Is The Time – DJ Kurt Remix”(download EP – “Evolution 100 Vol.2″) (Evolution)
Scott Brown Feat. Lords Of Hardcore – “Go Bezerk – Lost Origin & Al Twisted & Rob Da Rhythm Remix ” (download EP – “Evolution 100 Vol.3″) (Evolution)
Scott Brown – “Don’t You Worry – Joey Riot and Kurt Remix” (download EP – “Evolution 100 Vol.4″) (Evolution)
William Shatner – “Bohemian Rhapsody” (LP – ‘Seeking Major Tom”) (Cleopatra)


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