When Big Joan Sets Up 10/11/11 – The Wait Is Over

In the way that some people look forward to Christmas, or the start of the football season – in the eyes of your humble DJ, the sky is always a little bluer, the birds sing a little more sweetly, and the smiles on the faces of the lickle children are little wider when there’s a new Fall LP to be played.

Hell, I even accidentally heard 10 minutes of Chris Evans this morning in a cafe and didn’t feel my ususal urge to send him an envelope dipped in Anthrax.

5 tracks from their new masterpiece “Erstaz GB” were featured tonight with 5 more to follow next week. By which time the LP will be out and the streets will be throning with smiling citizens all entoning “I had to wake up the cat , to feed the fucking dog” in their best Mark E Smith voices.

The Source – “Yeah,Yeah,Yeah (Party Catani Mix)” (EP -”What Have I Done?) (Renegade Masters)
The Fall – “Time For Chang” (LP – “Ersatz GB”) (Cherry Red)
Macka Diamond – “Mother Man” (LP – “Don’t Disturb Mi”) (VP)
Byetone – “T-E-L-E-G-R-A-M-M” (LP – “Symeta”) (Raster-Norton)
Girls Of Porn – “Shed Blaster” (EP – “Party Chicken”) (Lo-Fi Kabuki)
The Johnny Otis Orchestra feat. Pete “Guitar” Lewis – “Midnight At The Barrelhouse” – (LP-”The Johnny Otis Story Volume 1 – Midnight At The Barrelhouse 1945-1957″) (Ace)
Fade – “Repugnant” (download) (Proximity)
The Fall – “Laptop Dog” (LP – “Ersatz GB”) (Cherry Red)
The Fall – “Nate Will Not Return” (LP – “Ersatz GB”) (Cherry Red)
The Fall – “Greenway”(LP – “Ersatz GB”) (Cherry Red)
Warren Zevon – “Werewolves Of London” (LP – “Excitable Boy”) (Rhino)
The Blanche Hudson Weekend – “Then You Tell Me” (LP – “You Always Loved Violence”) (Squirrel)
Skoal Kodiak – “The Borrower” (LP -”Kryptonym Bodliak”) (Load)
Glen Jones – “Twenty Three Years in Happy Valley or Love Among The Chickenshit” (LP – “The Wanting”) (Thrill Jockey)
The Fall – “Cosmos 7″ (LP – “Ersatz GB”) (Cherry Red)
Wolfgang Voight – “Fresko 1″ (v/a LP – “Air Texture 1″) (Air Texture)

and as I’ve been listening to The Fall LP all week I didn’t post a tracklisting for last week’s programme so here it is.

Slimmah Sound and Lyrical Benji – “Into The Ark” (LP – “Firm in Jah”) (Roots Tribe)
Splattered Entrails – “Swarm Of Virrulence” (LP- “Nauseate”) (Blast Head)
Brilliant Colours – “Hey Dan” (LP – “Again and Again”) (Slumberland)
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – “Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears” (LP – “A Winged Victory For The Sullen”) (Kranky)
Killer – “Shaker’s Cut” (download LP – “Hardtechno Destroyer Volume 5) (Technosforza)
The Spartan Dreggs – “The Charcoal Burner’s Lament” (LP – “Forensic R & B”) (Damaged Goods)
Little Axe – “Come Here Dog And Get Your Bone” (LP- “If You Want Loyalty, Get A Labrador”) (On-U-Sound)
Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra – “Skyliner” (LP- “The Best Of Charlie Barnet) (Grammercy)
Phace and Rockwell – “Rat Race” (v/a LP-”The Way Of The Warrior”) (Shogun Audio)
The Spartan Dreggs – “The Physics Of Blown Sands and Desert Dunes” (LP – “Forensic R & B”) (Damaged Goods)
Balam Acab – “Await” (LP – “Wander/Wonder”)(Tri-Angle)
Bo Ningen – “Jensei Ichidokiri” (7″) (Stolen Recordings)
Hype Willams – “Rise Up (Copeland PMT Club Mix) (12″) (Second Layer)
Merital Family feat. Tiger, RM and Que – “Wanga Gut” (download) (Da Wiz/Sniper)
The Spartan Dreggs – “The Fighting Temarare” (LP – “Forensic R & B”) (Damaged Goods)
Stylus and Audio Junkie – “Valve” (EP – “Stylus and Audio Junkie Volume 1″)(Broken Stylus)