Eclectic Mainline – 11th January 2012

Folk like myself, Simon Ashberry and Phil Cope have a proclivity for making lists when it comes to music we like.  If I were to make a list of my favourite compilations when the sun sets on 2012 for the final time, then World Routes On The Road would surely be pretty high on that list.  It’s a 2xCD set comprising tunes recorded round the world by the BBC Radio 3 team that produce the World Routes show.  I played a couple of tunes from it tonight, and will continue to do so for the next few weeks.  Here is a sample of what it contains:

World Routes: on the road by Nascente music

Here is a list of all the tunes I played in tonight’s show:

Toumani Diabaté – “Musu Maramba” (Various Artists 2xCD – “World Routes On The Road”) (BBC)
Donald Suck – “Interjupe” (Various Artists LP – “Inner Self Globophobic Clown Tester (Part. 1)”) (Wildrfid)
Plug – “A Quick Plug For A New Slot” (LP – “Back On Time”) (Ninja Tune)
Half Man Half Biscuit – “Left Lyrics In The Practice Room” (LP – “90 Bisodal (Crimond)”) (Probe Plus)
Anders Hana – “Iskoras” (LP – “Dead Clubbing”) (Drid Machine)
Christina Vantzou – “Joggers (The Dead Texan remix)” (CD+DVD – “Nº 1: DVD and Remixes”) (The Numbered Series)
S.C.U.M – “Faith Unfolds (Silver Alert remix)” (single – “Again Into Eyes”) (Mute)
Peter Broderick – “It Starts Here” (single and LP – “”) (Bella Union)
Matt Elliott – “The Pain That’s Yet To Come” (LP – “The Broken Man”) (Ici, d’ailleurs)
Wiley – “Boom Blast” (single) (Big Dada)
Nakibembo Village Musicians – “Waire Nzira Nte” (Various Artists 2xCD – “World Routes On The Road”) (BBC)
Darren Hayman – “We’re Tired Of Getting Dicked Around” (2xCD – “January Songs”) (Belka)
Arctic Monkeys – “Black Treacle” (single and LP – “Suck It And See”) (Domino)


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  1. avatarPhil

    Finally got the HMHB then , Alb. I know it’s heresy but it’s not as good as CSI Ambleside, is it? Still they are national treasures and in a sane world Nigel would be poet laureate

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