Found at BCB – a fine collection of music on Going North from Nashville – Monday 12th March 10-11pm

This week we’d hoped to bring you a GNfN Leonard Cohen ‘ special’ – technical problems have delayed us so we’ve dipped back into our archive & found this fantastic collection of tunes, first broadcast in the autumn. Watch out for a focus on songs about songs! Leonard will be featured very soon!

1. Peter Lawrie : Fell into the River ( from album A Little Brighter)

2.Young Rebel Set : If I Was ( one of several tracks we could have chose from the excellent Curse Our Love)

3.Frank Turner : Trythis at Home

4.Ben Marwood : Singalong………..a bit of a theme with those last three, continued with…

5. Joni Mitchel : Chinese Cafe/ Unchained Melody

6. Levi Weaver : Iam Certain I am a Train ( from Levi’s 2nd album, The Letters of Kurt Godel) …Levi is a man not to miss……

7. The Pheonix Foundation : Buffalo

8. King Creosote: Bats in the Attic

9. Hymn: Papertrail(from their gem of an album Inthe Depths)

10. Benjamin Francis Leftwich : Atlas Hands………beautiful, dreamy music, followed bt the equally beautiful & dreamy…..

11. Iain Morrison & Daibhidh Martin: The Sky Throws You

12. Kate Rusby: Greenfields ( John went all wobbly when we saw her at Greenbelt last year! )

14. Diagram 8 : Night all Night