Highly recommended

Do yourselves a favour and if you missed this week’s show, do try to listen again to the Whiter Than session.

The Shipley/Bradford band are really something quite special and played three songs live for us.

Thanks Mat, Helen and Zoe!

Full track listing:

Rodina and the Wolf – Hypnotised
Black Keys – 10am Automatic
The Chevin – Blue Eyes
Whiter Than – Planning A Journey (BCB session)
Whiter Than – Trying Hard To Be Myself (BCB session)
Whiter Than – Note To Self (BCB session)
Yo El Rey – And One For The Doctor
Jed’s Blues Band – Spoonful


One thought on “Highly recommended

  1. avatarNagbea

    Nice show Simon, really enjoyed the Whiter Than session. They sounded great in the live session. The reggae track by Rodina and the Wolf was awesome, they sound like a band to watch.
    Hope you’ve recieved the Sound Shack Anniversary boxed set? That’s where we are up to at the moment – 18 CD releases and some great new stuff in the pipeline. The Boxed set should be available in the next month (August).

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