Eclectic Mainline 29th August 2012

Thanks to those of you who got in touch during tonight’s show.  I hope you all enjoyed the music as much as I did.  Here is the show’s opener, the new single by Call The Doctor:

And here’s the Rollo Jean single I played:

Cellar of Love by Rollo Jean

If you wish to listen back to the show, you’ll find it right here.  This is what you would hear if you were to do so:

Call The Doctor – “Wrecking Ball” (single) (Glasstone)
Kid Koala – “7 Bit Blues” (LP – “12 Bit Blues”) (Ninja Tune)
King Creosote – “Ankle Shackles” (EP – “To Deal With Things”) (Domino)
Jeff Carey – “Step” (LP – “Interupt-Decay”) (Cwnil)
Rollo Jean – “Cellar Of Love” (single) (Memphis Industries)
Dinosaur Jr. – “Watch The Corners” (single and LP – “I Bet On Sky”) (PIAS)
Yeasayer – “Henrietta” (LP – “Fragrant World”) (Mute)
Micah P Hinson – “Beneath The Rose” (BCB Session)
Babe, Terror – “War” (“Knights EP”) (Phantasy Sound)
A.R. Kane – “Sado-masochism Is A Must” (2CD – “Complete Singles Collection”) (One Little Indian)
Animal Collective – “Wide Eyed” (LP – “Centipede Hz”) (Domino)
Sone Institute – “Tradition and Dream” (LP – “A Model Life”) (Front & Follow)
Bob Mould – “The Descent” (single and LP – “Silver Age”) (Demon)