When Big Joan Sets Up 15/10/09-The Programme Without End

When Big Joan Sets Up lurched, grunting and sweating onto the airwaves again last Wednesday with a programme so literally chock full of top tunes  that I had to fade it out without bidding my listener (hello mum), goodbye. So ,if you were listening thanks for doing so and I hope you find my continuing  ineptitude as charming as I do. Anyway, the music was good and it looked like this:

Morrissey – “Drive in Saturday”  (LP - “Swords”) (Polydor)
Emakha – “The Real Buddy” (12″) (In Da Jungle )
Buddy Holly and the Crickets – “I’m Looking for Someone to Love” (LP-” The Chirping Crickets”) (MCA)
Teenage Lovers - “Number One” (7″) (Randy’s Records)
What Capitalism Was – “Facades” (LP - “…Plays Philip Glass On Accordion”)(Self Released)
Afrikan Simba – “Power in the Word” (EP – “Power in the Word”) (Jahtari)
Vic Chesnutt – “When the Bottom Fell Out” (LP- “At the Cut”) (Constellation)
Shitting Dick Nipples – “How to Survive Death ( The Clint Eastwood Story)” (LP - “In Today’s society it’s common to
give your album a title but because we’re too damn lazy to come up with
anything we’ll make this into a self title instead”) (Hon Signe)
Micheal Mansion – “Let Me In (Dawin’s Hemstock Remix)” (12″) (Hardcore Underground)
P.S.Eliot – “Hail Mary” (LP- “Introverted Romance in our Troubled Minds”) (Salinas)
Nuggies – “Sweat Soup” (EP – “The Sound Of Explosions from the North East”) (Gorilla Ointment)
Shackleton – “Asha in the Tabernacle” (LP- “3EP’s”) (Perlon)
Pavement – “Box Elder” (LP- “Westing (By Musket and Sextant)”) (Drag City)
The Box Elders –  “Dave” (LP- “Alice and Friends”) (Goner)
Norrisman – “Him Neva Fail” (7″) (Henfield)
C-Oldring – “Cryogenic Freezing of Friends” (EP – “Continental Drift Records Label Launch Double EP”) (Continental Drift)
Vampre Weekend – “Horchata” (www.vampireweekend.com)