RIP Darren Maude

I’ve just head the sad news that Darren Maude has died.

He was best know as a member of the Bradford  band Architect, who had quite a bit of success in the early 1990s, touring with Big Country and Dr & The Medics.

There are tributes to him on his Facebook page:

and here’s one of their tracks which Tim Walker of Voltage has put on YouTube


One thought on “RIP Darren Maude

  1. avatarJohnny

    Hi Simon – I’m looking forward to hearing the show. I played in two bands that Darren put together featuring his own music. Gorgeous and Smack. Let me know if you want any tracks for the show. The Gorgeous recordings were probably his finest legacy. We only played a few gigs, but having played in many established bands before and since this is still the recording I’m most proud of. Darren was in touch a few days before he died to say he was remastering them. As of yet I’m, not sure if he ever managed to complete that task, but the original still stands the test of time.

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