They’re back (soon)

This week’s Bradford Beat took time out to look forward to a couple of hotly-anticipated new albums.

Bradford’s own Embrace are supposedly on the verge of a new record and tour while Arcade Fire have also been teasing their next album.

You can listen again to the whole show by clicking here and this was the full tracklisting:

Fighting Fiction – Enabler
The Seven Inches – the Little Things
Editors – Formaldehyde
Rodina – Mr Lee
Steve Mason – Fire
Embrace – All You Good Good People
Polyphonic Spree – You Don’t Know Me
Fossil Collective – When Frank Became an Orb
Drenge – Face Like A Skull
John Parkes- Lincolnshire
Sentimentalists – The Take Out
Arcade Fire – The Sprawl II (Soulwax remix)