Eclectic Mainline 29th January 2014

Tunes in this week’s programme included this by Caitlin Rose:

…and this by Illum Sphere:

You will find the full programme on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the track list:

Ghostpoet – ‘Dial Tones’ (single and LP – Some Say I So I Say light) (Play It Again Sam)
Caitlin Rose – ‘I Was Cruel’ (LP – The Stand-In) (Names) Soundcloud
Keel Her – ‘Roswell’ (single and LP – Keel Her) (Critical Heights)
Xiu Xiu – ‘Stupid in The Dark’ (LP – Angel Guts) (Bella Union) YouTube
Faulty DL – ‘Danger’ (single) (Ninja Tune)
Warpaint – ‘Love Is To Die’ (LP – Warpaint) (Rough Trade) YouTube
Jason Grier – ‘Baby I Don’t Know Right Now’ (LP – Unbekannte) (Human Ear Music) Soundcloud
Mogwai – ‘Heard About You Last Night’ (LP – Rave Tapes) (Rock Action)
Beans on Toast – ‘Keep You’ (LP – Giving Everything) (Xtra Mile)
Illum Sphere – ‘Embryonic’ (LP – Ghost Of Then And Now) (Ninja Tune) Soundcloud
The New Mendicants – ‘Lifelike Hair’ (LP – Into The Lime) (One Little Indian)
Bill Callahan – ‘Highs In The Mid-40s Dub’ (LP – Have Fun With God) (Drag City)
Younghusband – ‘Left Of The Rocks’ (LP – Dromes) (Sonic Cathedral) Soundcloud
Bibio – ‘Down To The Sound’ (The Green EP) (Warp)
Lyla Foy – ‘Feather Tongue’ (single and LP – Mirrors The Sky) (Sub Pop) Soundcloud
Tim Hecker – ‘Stab Variation’ (LP – Virgins) (Kranky)