I did go to the crossroads, it was raining

Oh goody a new toy, well if you don’t know the I Went To The Crossroads programme, get set.

Using the BCB kit to record sounds in Peru - looking for inspiration

Using the BCB kit to record sounds in Peru - looking for inspiration

On 18th October I did a reggae special for Black history Month, although nearly all the programme’s music orginates in some way from the blues (except the latin stuff and even then I bet it does).

So I played old stuff like The Congo’s Soddam and Gomorah and Stepping Razor by Peter Tosh. With very old stuff like Toots and the Maytals and the Heptones. I try (fail you may say) to get the programmes to flow old to new, slow to fast, quiet to loud so everything seems like a logical procession.

The list is:

Bob Marley – Trench town rock
Peter Tosh – Stepping razor
Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
Black Uhuru – Sensimilla
Heptones – Book of rules
Sheila Hyton – The beds too big without you
Jimmy Cliff -You can get it if you really want
Niney – Blood and fire
Maytals – Sweet and dandy
Gregory isaacs – Night nurse
Desmond Dekker – Israelites and (because it felt right) 007
Prince Far I – Black Man land
The Congos – Soddam and Gomoragh (Sod ‘em all tomorrow)
and finally his Bobship again with the Wailers – Simmer down

All classics nothing from the last decade – others can play those – these are just some of the reggae tracks I love.