When Big Joan Sets Up – Whine Up Ya Bumpa

At 11.58pm each  Wednesday, after a day spent in a barely contained expectancy, the whole of Bradford and the Aire Valley rushes breathless with an excitement that verges on the sexual, to the nearest radio. Their roiling senses inflamed beyond reason, eyes madly dilated,and tongues lolling provocatively from carelessly rouged lips, they await the sound of their hero.

As the Town Hall ominously tolls midnight in the distance ( I don’t know whether there is a  Town Hall, whether it has a clock  or whether it tolls, but I’m on a roll here) a hushed anticipation descends, only to be broken by a lone voice from the radio speaker. A voice that blends a gossamer lightness of tone,with the stentorian air of a life lived on the cutting edge of artistic innovation. Yes, it’s Radio 1′s Huw Stephens.

Meanwhile, somewhere behind Jack Fulton’s, a man in a cardigan played these…

The Test Patterns - “High Tension” (EP – “Blackout”) (Tic Tac Totally)
Big Maceo – “Chicago Breakdown” (LP - “ Chicago Piano Volume 2″) (Future Noise)
The Tender Trap – “Grand National”-  (download from http://www.fortunapop.com/release_details.php?cat_no=FPOP86A )
Dan Wilde  - “SF Monkey” – (download EP –  “Fierce 4″) (Fierce Business)
Love Potions – “Paranoia Strikes” –  (EP – “Ejaculator”) (Adult Crash)
Trevor Offkey feat. Small Voice – “Physically Fit” (v/a LP - “The Flare Riddim”) (12 R)
Napalm Death – “Work to Rule” (LP- “Times Waits for No Slave”) (Century Media)
Falty DL – “Made Me Feel So Right” (EP – “Bravery”) (Planet Mu)
Leonard Cohen – “Diamonds in the Mine” (LP- “Live at the Isle of White 1970″) (Sony)
Dokaka – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (available at  http://freemusicarchive.org/genre/Spoken_Weird/)
Robert  Hood – “The Pace” (12″) (M Plant)
Piney Gir – “Miss Havisham” (LP – “The Yearling”) (Hotel)
Turbo Fruits – “Trouble” (LP - “Echo Kid”) (Fat Possum)
Ivor Cutler – “Trouble, Trouble” (LP- “Dandruff”) (Virgin)
Zion Train feat Dubdadda - “Boxes and Amps” (LP - “Live as One Remixed”) (Universal Egg)
Glenn Jones – “A Geranium for Mano a Mano” (LP- “Barbecue Bob in Fishtown”) (Strange Attractors)
Pizza Hero – “Sparkles” (LP – “Boogie Boarders”) (Famous Class)