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The show all the cool kids are calling tmty – tracklisting for 28/7/10

No Joel again this week, so we managed to sneak another track of Neil Young on to the show. As well as that we discussed No Hands this Friday at the Playhouse, and Loads of Music this Saturday, also at the Playhouse.

Other tracks were from The Family Elan, Bilge Pump, Uprights, Beach House and Shield Your Eyes.

See you next week, 6:30pm on Wednesday.

Eclectic Mainline – 2nd June 2010

The Love Apple, Bradford.  RIP

The Love Apple, Bradford. RIP

Admittedly the closure of The Love Apple in Bradford isn’t the saddest news I’ve been greated with in the past couple of days. I wish it was, however, and that the shootings in Cumbria hadn’t happened.  However, I’m totally shocked and gutted that The Love Apple had to close, and this is a sad result of what has happened to Bradford in the past few years.  About 5 years ago the place (both Bradford and The Love Apple) was buzzing (quite literally after The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit‘s loud gig there!)  and there was a real vibe around the place.  Now…well, how things have changed.  The Bradford Playhouse is showing promising signs, but if a nice independent bar like The Love Apple can’t make ends meet, well, we’ve got problems.  Other highlights that I’ve seen there include Jeffrey Lewis (at which I was very proud to be part of the support with Wilful Missing), Dufus and The Wave Pictures (a great, yet poorly attended gig, again at which Wilful Missing were lucky enough to be asked to support).  I was also at the Jeremy Warmsley gig at which one Laura Groves made her first appearance, many a moon before blossoming into Blue Roses.  So, thanks must go to Pav and co for giving us The Love Apple, and I wish him and his staff the best of luck for whatever they do next.

Here’s what I played in my show tonight:

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Scars On 45 Dish On Bradford’s Best Curries

Scars On 45 backstage at The Brudenell Social Club

A couple of months ago I had a chat with half-Bradford, half-Leeds bred indie rockers Scars On 45 before they went off to Texas to play SXSW with their new Chop Shop Records label-mates Fanfarlo and Marina and the Diamonds. Vocalists Danny Bemrose and Aimee Driver had a lot to say about their upcoming album, living the dream and… where to get a good curry in Bradford.

“People always get it wrong… they go to places like Aagrah and Akbar’s and nice places, but you’ve got to go to some proper dives to get a good curry. There’s Sweet Centre… there’s Karachi. Karachi was in The Guardian, it’s been going since 1965! And it’s either chicken and spinach, or chicken and potato… but it’s got to be masala.”

And his bandmate? “Spicy Cottage! Chicken tikka every time!”

Check out thejustaminuteproject.com for the video interview and myspace.com/scarson45 for some tunes.

Too Much Too Young 5/5/10

Yo Guys,

Last show before the election, and we had an electoral theme to the show (wholly impartial of course).

We played tracks from The Books, Ganglians, Blood Crips, BLK JKS, Villagers and LCD Soundsystem.

Singing the news was (as you can imagine) themed on the forthcoming general election. It’s tomorrow guys, unless you’re listening to the repeat in which case it’s today. Oh, and next week’s topic is the end of the football season.

Remember to vote


Too Much Too Young for Wednesday 14/4/10

Peggy Sue

This Week’s Too Much Too Young is packed full of great music. We started with Yo Mama by Peggy Sue, who have just released their debut album and are sounding sweet. Before playing new and classic tracks from the likes of She and Him, Flight of the Conchords, The Anniversary and Two Door Cinema Club.

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Sound of 2010?

This was a piece also written for Bradford Zine – Claptrap which you should all get involved with.

It’s a bit rude and probably pretty pointless, but it was fun.


Oh! Joyous fanfare to a new year! Nay! A new decade!
It’s the time of year for wild hyperbole, for ‘Next Big Things’ and ‘Upcoming Stars’.
As our big label A + R masters wake from their Christmas slumbers, bleary eyed and pissed off about the way this lengthy cold snap has affected their personal supplies of ‘snow’ they stare out into the stagnant, icy high streets and wonder; WHO WILL SAVE US FROM OBLIVION?
Well do not fear. For the BBC, the NME and the plentiful blogs of cyberspace are only a phone call away. They will create such a force of musical Mystic Meg clairvoyance that record label coffers will be full in no time. The BBC Sound of 2010 is top of the pile. A big brown nosed, golden shower of praise and merriment. Don’t give me that ‘it’s good for the music’ bullshit. Like vultures picking at vomit to feed their squawking little chicks, this is desperate dollar grabbing. A self fulfilling prophecy of cash, with barely any thought for actual, you know, musical talent. Still, someone’s got to pay those music journalists / talent scouts wages and help the self-perpetuating circle of futurology, so I’ve concocted a handy guide to six of the top picks which will help you seem like your finger is on the pulse (clue, it’s just past the perineum) without actually having to listen to any of these god awful people. Let the cynicism commence!

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Christmas Countdown 2009

Here it is – the full list of Bradford Beat’s Christmas Countdown, our favourite 20 tracks of 2009:

1 Super Furry Animals – Inagural Trams
2 Depeche Mode – Peace
3 Rev Chunky/Jam Sponge – Wednesday Downers
4 Crystal Stilts – Shattered Shine
5 Ben and Steve (ex-The Turn) – Our Sounds (demo)
6 Tricky – Puppy Toy
7 Tiny Masters of Today – Pop Chart
8 Sky Larkin – Beeline
9 Lord Auch – Maredo
10 Secret Machines – Last Believer, Drop Dead
11 Grizzly Bear – While We Wait For The Others
12 Roger Davies – Brighouse On A Saturday Night
13 Frank Turner – Poetry of the Deed
14 Blue Roses – I Am Leaving
15 Benjy Ferree – Blown Out (Gold Doubloons and PCs of 8 )
16 The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa
17 Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
18 Prom Knight – Counter Intelligence
19 Scaramanga Six – Misadventure
20 New Model Army – Autumn

To hear our choice of the best albums of the decade so far, tune in on New Year’s Eve!

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Audio of Theoretical Girl, Adam’s Co-host

Like zebras TG needs elobrate camouflage for walking around Bradford.

TG had to interview herself.

The slot of co-host on The Show has been an interchangeable position for the last month. We have had everything from physiologists to arts organisations (all united with distaste for old Adam’s ego). What a diverse box of frogs the show has become.

In keeping with that theme I had a particularly special co-host this week in the form of Amy Turnnidge (I have admired her work for quite some time now), stage name Theoretical Girl, who graced the studio with her presence. We talked about the recent album, influences, her time in the studio and party rings. Below is a little sample to whet the appetite. The show will probably broadcast on the 26th of this month. But watch this space, as this may change due to requirements of next week’s co-host (fingers crossed Jeremy Dyson with a interview from Will Self).

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