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Eclectic Mainline 19th March 2014

Hauschka - Abandoned City

Hauschka – Abandoned City

I can’t help but feel that I have let you down. I promised to play three tracks from the new Hauschka LP in this weeks programme. But I lost track of time and only ended up playing two. If you can find it within yourself to give me another chance, I’ll play the third next week. Here is one of the two that I did play:

You will find the full programme on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the track list:

Keel Her – I’d Be Your Slave (R. Stevie Moore Remix) (single) (Critical Heights)
Wild Beasts – Palace (LP – Present Tense) (Domino)
Can Can Heads – The Hour of (Your) Annihilation (LP – Butter Life) (Bandcamp)
T’ien Lai – Serca miast zatrzymuja sie (LP – Da’at) (Monotype)
Hauschka – Craco (LP – Abandoned City) (City Slang)
Throwing Snow – Caedis (Pathfinder EP) (Houndstooth)
Darren Hayman and Emma Kupa – Boy, Look At What You Can’t Have Now (single) (Fortuna Pop!)
Hokei – Tap (LP – Don’t Go) (Monotype)
Beck – Blue Moon (LP – Morning Phase) (Capitol)
Big Star – Blue Moon (LP – Sister Lovers/Big Star’s Third) (PVC)
Mestre Cupijó e Seu Ritmo – Caboclincha Do Igapó (LP – Siriá) (Analog Africa)
Tycho – Awake (single) (Ghostly)
Dean Wareham – Love Is Not A Roof Against The Rain (LP – Dean Wareham) (Sonic Cathedral)
Peder Mannerfelt – Gulo Gulo Caesitas (LP – Lines Describing Circles) (Digitalis)
Hauschka – Barkerville (LP – Abandoned City) (City Slang)
Malachai – I Deserve To No (single and LP – Beyond Ugly) (Double Six)

Eclectic Mainline 26th February 2014

Illum Sphere - Ghosts Of Then And Now LP

Illum Sphere – Ghosts Of Then And Now LP

This week’s episode of Eclectic Mainline included three tracks from the Illum Sphere LP, Ghosts Of Then And Now, out now on Ninja Tune.

This coming Saturday, 1st March, Ekoplekz play a Golden Cabinet gig in Shipley and there is a new Ekoplekz LP coming out on Planet Mu.

Other music in this week’s programme included this from the Gay Disco LP by Guerilla Toss:

Young Fathers, from their Dead LP:

And this from Hauschka’s new LP, Abandoned City:

You will find the full programme on the BCB Listen Again service. Here is the track list:

Guerilla Toss – Trash Bed (LP – Gay Disco) Soundcloud
Illum Sphere – All Night (featuring Mai Nestor) (LP – Ghosts Of Then And Now) (Ninja Tune)
Fear of Men – Waterfall (single) (Kanine) Soundcloud
Mestre Cupijó e Seu Ritmo – Mingau De Açai (LP – Siriá) (Analog Africa)
Guided By Voices – Planet Score (LP – Motivational Jumpsuit)
Dawn Landes – Try To Make A Fire Burn Again (LP – Western Vinyl) Soundcloud
Girl Band – Heckle The Frames (single b-side – Lawman) Bandcamp
Young Fathers – Am I Not Your Boy (LP – Dead) (Big Dada  / Anticon) Soundcloud
Ekoplekz – Temporal Drift (Fountain Square EP) (Mordant)
Blank Realm – Reach You On The Phone (single and LP – Grassed Inn) (Fire) Vimeo
Illum Sphere – Ghosts Of Then And Now (LP – Ghosts Of Then And Now) (Ninja Tune) Soundcloud
The Fauns – Seven Hours (single) (Invada) Vimeo
Chaino & His African Percussion Safari – Torture Of The Mau Mau (LP – Jungle Echoes)
Ringo Deathstarr – Bong Load (LP – God’s Dream) YouTube
Illum Sphere – Near The End (LP – Ghosts Of Then And Now) (Ninja Tune)
Hauschka – Elizabeth Bay (LP – Abandoned City) (City Slang) YouTube

Eclectic Mainline 26th December 2012

No Boxing Day special show for me this year.  This wasn’t for any “bah humbug” reasons, but simply because I still have a backlog of new music that I want to air.  I know that if you want Christmas music, you are clever enough to find ways of hearing it all by yourself.  I don’t mean that you’re too dim-witted to unearth the tunes in my show, I mean….oh, I could get myself into a hole here.  I’ll quit while I’m only marginally behind and just show you what I played…

There is a new single coming out early in the new year by Roots Manuva.  This is certainly cause for excitement.

Roots Manuva – Natural Featuring Kope (Clean Edit) by Big Dada Sound


This Hauschka tune has been on my ‘to play’ list for several weeks now, and it is shameful that it has taken me so long, as it’s rather good indeed:

Hauschka – 2AM – patten Remix by Fat Cat Records


Vladislav Delay – “Kellute” (LP – “Kuopia”) (Raster Noton)
Joshua James – “Willamette” (LP – “From The Top Of The Willamette Mountain”) (Free The Sun)
Roots Manuva – “Natural ft. Kope” (“Banana Skank EP”) (Big Dada)
Villagers – “Nothing Arrived” (single) (Domino)
Kreidler – “Deadwringer” (LP – “Den”) (Bureau B)
Little Richard – “A Little Bit Of Something (Beats A Whole Lot Of Nothing)” (VA CD – “The Northern Soul Story Vol. 1: The Twisted Wheel”) (Sony BMG)
Ergo Phizmiz – “Bernard and The Genie” (single and LP – “Eleven Songs”) (Care In The Community)
The Creole Choir Of Cuba – “Llegada” (LP – “Santiman”) (Real World)
Concrete Knives – “Greyhound Racing” (single) (Bella Union)
Pinkcourtesyphone – “Sans Motif / Closer To Here Than You Care To Be” (LP – “Elegant and Detatched”) (Room40)
Field Music – “Is This The Music?” (single) (Memphis Industries)
Hauschka – “2AM (Pattern Remix)” (LP – “Salon Des Amateurs Remixes”) (Fat Cat)
Piano Interrupted – “You Don’t Love Me Yet” (LP – “Two By Four”) (Days Of Being Wild)

Listen back to the show if you are so inclined.