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Eclectic Mainline – 18th July 2012

As I prepared a couple of tunes to play you here on the blog, I thought to myself, “Haven’t I included this new Frankie Rose single on the BCB Music Blog before?” And the answer, it turns out, is yes I have, back in February. It’s a cracking tune though, so I don’t begrudge it being re-released.

Frankie Rose – Know Me by Slumberland Records

Frankie isn’t the only great artist on the Memphis Industries roster to have been played in tonight’s show. I also played this, the new single by Hooray For Earth:

HOORAY FOR EARTH – True Loves by Pias France

If you wish to listen back to the entire show, you’ll find it somewhere on this page of the BCB Listen Again service.  This is what I played:

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