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Eclectic Mainline 20th February 2013

New music in this week’s show included Letherette:

…Fawn Spots:

…and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.  The video below is the censored version. Feel free to watch the uncensored version if you can handle it:

If you were to stream the show at your leisure, this is what you would hear:

Concrete Knives – ‘Wallpaper’ (LP – Be Your Own King) (Bella Union)
Blood Red Shoes – ‘Get Off My Ghost Train’ (split single with Pulled Apart By Horses)
Letherette – ‘D&T’ (single) (Ninja Tune)
Youth Lagoon – ‘Dropla’ (single)
Julia Kent – ‘Only Child’ (LP – Character) (Leaf)
Beach Fossils – ‘Careless’ (single)
Gilded – ‘Velar’ (LP – Terrane) (Hidden Shoal)
Pulp – ‘After You’ (single)
Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Crystallized’ (single and LP – Melody’s Echo Chamber) (Weird World)
Mogwai – ‘Special N’ (LP - Les Revenants)
Fawn Spots – ‘Watered Down’ (LP – Wedding Dress) (Fat Cat)
Wire – ‘Outdoor Miner’ (LP – Chairs Missing) (this week’s Brief Candle, nominated by Tilt Araiza)
Ducktails – ‘Ivy Covered House’ (LP – The Flower Lane) (Domino)
Yo La Tengo – ‘Ohm’ (single)
Japandroids – ‘The Nights Of Wine And Roses’ (single and LP – Celebration Rocks) (Polyvinyl)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Jubilee Street’ (LP – Push The Sky Away) (self-released)

Eclectic Mainline 5th December 2012

The Julia Holter album, Ekstasis, which was released this week on Domino Records, includes this beauty, which I have sung along with and jigged to in the kitchen (take my word for it):

Also available this week, now that pre-orders are being taken for the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album, is this:

You can listen back to this week’s show if you wish.  This is what I played:

King Creosote – “On The Night Of The Bonfire” (EP – “It Turned Out For The Best”) (Domino)
Wild Nothing – “Only Heather” (single and LP – “Nocturne”) (Bella Union)
Jesse Boyskins III & MeLo-X – (“Schwaza” ft. JoeKenneth) (LP – “Julu Guru”) (Ninja Tune)
Snow Palms – “Snow Light” (LP – “Intervals”) (Village Green)
Yeasayer – “Reagan’s Skeleton” (single and LP – “Fragrant World”) (Mute)
Bee Mask – “Scanops” (LP – “Vaporware / “Scanops”) (Room40)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “We No Who U R” (LP – “Push The Sky Away”) (Nick Cave Ltd)
Sticky – “Pedal Riddim” (single) (Big Dada)
Julia Holter – “Goddess Eyes II” (single and LP – “Ekstasis”) (Domino)
Elmore James – “Rollin’ & Tumblin’” (MOJO magazine CD December 2012)
Joshua James – “So Did I” (LP – “From The Top Of The Willamette Mountain”) (Free The Sun)
Father John Misty – “Only Son Of The Ladiesman” (single and LP – “Fear Fun”) (Bella Union)
Melody’s Echo Chamber – “I Follow You” (LP – “Melody’s Echo Chamber”) (Weird World)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds reissues: Tender Prey / The Good Son / Henry’s Dream

Last week saw the release of the second installment of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds re-issues. In addition to the first four albums rereleased last year, now Tender Prey, The Good Son and Henry’s Dream have all been given a makeover. As well as the remastered albums on CD, each also comes with a DVD. The DVD contains the album in 5.1 (for those interested in such), bonus songs, videos and an episode of the Do You Love Me? series of documentaries about each album, comprised of interviews with band members, associates, friends, lovers, fans, journalists etc. If you have been listening to Eclectic Mainline for the past few weeks, you will have heard me play several songs from these reissues, and if you listened last week, you will have heard me play one tune from each.  In terms of the remastering, they really have improved the sound terrifically.  I’ve always felt that some of The Bad Seeds’ albums from this period sounded a bit too toppy, and these new remasters have really warmed up the sound.

Tender Prey

Tender Prey

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