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The Story of the Byrds (part 1!) Going North from Nashville, Monday 23rd September, 10 -11pm

We focus on the early years of The Byrds, a seminal alt country/folk band, who brought the songs of artists such as Bob Dylan & Pete Seeger to a wider audience. We feature tracks from their first few albums & include some contemporary covers.

Turn, Turn, Turn: The Byrds

All I Really Wanna Do: The Byrds

Mr Tambourine Man: The Byrds

She Don’t Care About Time: The Byrds

Wild Mountain Thyme: Simone Felice

Eight Miles High: The Byrds

I See You: The Byrds

Hey Mr Spaceman: Velvet Crush

Time Between: The Byrds

Everybody’s Been Burned: Sebadoh

Change is Now: The Byrds

Draft Morning: Cole Porters

Love You Give: The Stands

Wasn’t Born to Follow: The Sadies

Tribal Gathering: The Byrds

So You Want to be a ock & Roll Star: The Byrds