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Arwa Almari

Arwa is an outgoing and intellectual individual, feisty yet approachable. She is fascinated by people and cultures and is always curious about community relations.

She coordinates the West Yorkshire Racial Justice Network of 20 organisations from across the region who are motivated to work in solidarity to bring about societal equity. Born in Liverpool, Arwa has lived in over 10 cities in the UK, before finally settling in Bradford in 2002, and has since been involved in various community projects with a special interest in young people.

She derives her passion for justice from her personal experiences of being a Palestinian in exile, and a Muslim whose faith promotes economic, social and environmental justice as integral values to the religion. Being a current affairs junkie it’s no surprise that Arwa has obtained a degree in International Relations, and a Masters in Web Journalism.

Race Matters is a monthly show discussing the latest developments in racial justice locally, nationally and internationally, and also shedding some light on member projects of the Racial Justice Network.

Arwa’s list of favourites:
Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo, and to be honest, the Quran too!
Poem: Still I Rise, by Maya Angelou, and Half Caste by John Agard.
Music artists: Yuna, Coldplay, Raef.
Pizza topping: Veggie, but I’ll have it without pineapples thanks!


Race Matters


Twitter: RaceJustice

This Week on BCB

This week on BCB

Bradford Festival

Planning our broadcast for the festival with meetings at City Hall and with our Outside Broadcast Group of volunteers.

World Environment Day 2019

Planning continues with a meeting on Tuesday for our day of environmental broadcasting in June.

In the community

Julie is visiting the Gateway Centre in Ravensciffe this week.

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