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Dave Forrest

Dave presents The Breakfast Show on Wednesdays, with light-hearted banter as a gentle introduction to the morning. He works at the Bradford Volunteer Centre, which matches over 8,000 people with exciting volunteer roles – such as broadcasting – every year!

Dave first started at BCB in 2009, when he began presenting the Equity Show. He also covers live broadcasts.


The Breakfast Show


Twitter: @bradfordvc

This Week on BCB

This week on BCB

Bradford Festival

Planning our broadcast for the festival with meetings at City Hall and with our Outside Broadcast Group of volunteers.

World Environment Day 2019

Planning continues with a meeting on Tuesday for our day of environmental broadcasting in June.

In the community

Julie is visiting the Gateway Centre in Ravensciffe this week.

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Tue 18th Jun 23:00 - 00:00

Mama Hoodoo

Radio killed the video stars!

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