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Rob Martin & Molly Kenyon

Rob and Molly have co-presented Into the Buttercup since 2006. The music is blues, folk and other stuff they like. The chat is up to date and Molly reads a poem linked to the season, current events or human foibles. Most shows include an interview from The Live Room at Caroline Social Club, Saltaire (also available at They have interviewed most performers since The Live Room started in May 2011.

They invite listeners to relax, listen, and maybe think a little about what’s going on around them and in their own lives. Did you know that buttercup stamens are poisonous? Don’t let that stop you from playing with the flowers! Although folk music often takes a bleak view of the world, they give a positive spin where they can. Being ‘in the buttercup‘ means celebrating the beauty around us while recognising the dangers which give life that bit of edge.

They always sign off with: “Keep pubs open, music live, and …. don’t forget to boogie!”



Into The Buttercup