BCB Music Showcase

Another chance to hear BCB's finest specialist music shows


BCB Breakfast

The best way to kickstart your day
Presented by: Peg Alexander


Carl Gresham & Friends

Showbiz chat & music

Presented by: Carl Gresham


Democracy Now!

World current affairs

Presented by Amy Goodman


About Bradford

Slices of Bradford life

Presented by: Kath Canoville

On the show this morning:

- Cllr Vanda Greenwood giving her reaction to the latest developments in Brexit

- Tracy Othen from Bradford Job Centre Plus breaking down the latest employement stats

- Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw chatting about the £1 million funding Shipley has received

- Paul Russell about the Bradford group that went down to the Stand Up To Racism March


Our Top Ten

Local groups chat about their work and pick their 10 favourite music tracks

Presented by: Mike Kelly

Today's guests are Laisterdyke Local History Group


Bradford District Assembly Conference

Live broadcast from the Bradford District Assembly Conference at Valley Parade

Presented by: Carole Moss, Kathy Dyson


Mic & Mind

The latest on mental health initiatives in Bradford
Presented by: Daniel Carroll


Afternoon Stretch

Music & chat

Presented by: Alvin Adey



The latest news, guests, what’s on, traffic & travel and great music

Presented by: Kathy Dyson

Coming up:

- Susannah Brown – Acting Head of Research Interpretation – World Cancer Research Fund talking about over 55's and unhealthy living

- Mike Cowlam – Classic Events – Launch of a new Classic Car Magazine

- Tracy Othen – Job Centre Plus talks about unemployment in the region and partnership work to support people into employment. Tracy talked earlier with BCB's Kath Canoville

- Ian Murch – National Union of Teachers – 200 employees of the Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust met with Union reps yesterday to express their strong objections to new contracts of employment that the Trust have asked them to sign.

- Sean Dolat – Bradford Trades Council - Poverty affects more than one in four children in the UK today.

- Chris Farquar – Talent & Councillor Development Manager from Bradford Council – The Council have won a national award for Safeguarding for their Real Safeguarding Stories Project


In Your Backyard

Nature trails around Bradford
Presented by: Ian Forward, Malcolm Currie


BCB Xtra

The voice of young people in Bradford.

On Air

Bradford Spice

Bollywood music & chat

Presented by: Sami Ahmad
Listen Live


Jazz Scene

Jazz - nice!
Presented by: Martin Powell



A nice spread

Presented by: Maria Spadafora


Festival Sessions

Live music from festivals across the district
Presented by: Ann Morgan


Mama Hoodoo

Radio killed the video stars!

Presented by: Gail Simpkins


BCB Music Showcase

Another chance to hear BCB's finest specialist music shows

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