BCB Music Showcase

A selection of BCB's finest specialist music programmes


BCB Breakfast

The best way to start your day!

Presented by: Daniel Carroll, Stephen Newsham


One to One

Local people's lives

Presented by: Carole Moss


Democracy Now!

World current affairs

Presented by Amy Goodman


About Bradford

Slices of Bradford life

Presented by: Ian Forward

On this show this morning:

- Open Door Scheme: Bradford has been chosen as a pilot scheme that matches landlords with community groups to fill empty properties 

- Meet The Buyer Event: Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trustee are inviting local suppliers find out how they can do business with the Trust

- Scrap the Pip 20 Meter Rule Campaign: A campaign is calling to scrap the PIP 20 meter rule as it will cost the government more money than they save to enforce it

- Charity Walk For Peace Evening Reception:


The Guide

Your handbook to events in and around Bradford

Presented by: Justin Henry


Press Start

Games and consoles
Presented by Rachel Barraclough, Derek Dogherty


Afternoon Stretch

Guests, music and events

Presented by: Pam Lonsdale, Wasfa Malik and Debbie Wilkinson



News, Interviews and music

Presented by: Dom Burch, Lorna Kook


Recovery Radio

Personal experiences from people recovering from drugs & alcohol dependency


BCB Xtra

Ben's Big Tunes
Big tunes to start your weekend

Presented by Ben


Asian Beats

Bhangra & Bollywood re-mixes

Presented by: Banaris Iqbal


MOD: Music on Demand

Music requests

Presented by: Nic Fusco


House Of Funk

Soul, Funk & Disco!

Presented by: Brooke Scaife


When Big Joan Sets Up

A Peelite selection of new and interesting music

Presented by: Phil Cope


Urban Vibes

Cutting-edge tunes lighting up the weekend

Presented by Elton Munaiwa


Midnight Sessions

Exclusive mixes & collaborations

Presented by: Daniel Carroll


BCB Music Showcase

A selection of BCB's finest music programmes

About the BCB Schedule

BCB broadcasts a wide range of speech based and specialist music programmes, as well as local sports and live events. Our weekday daytime programming is speech led, moving into community programming at 6pm, the BCB Extra Youth strand at 6.30, Asian language programming at 7pm and finishing with an eclectic range of specialist music from 8pm onwards.

The weekend schedule reflects the local sports scene, community language programmes as well as outside broadcasts and the chance to catch up with the programmes you’ve missed during the week.

The programme schedule changes daily with over 80 new programmes broadcast throughout the week.