BCB Music Showcase

Another chance to hear BCB's finest specialist music shows


BCB Breakfast

The best way to kickstart your day.

Presented by: Dave Forrest


Our Top Ten

Local groups chat about their work and pick their 10 favourite music tracks

Today's host is Pam Lonsdale and the guests are the Nipple Innovation project


Democracy Now!

World current affairs

Presented by Amy Goodman


About Bradford

Slices of Bradford life

Presented by: Fran Holling


Senior Moments

The show for the young at heart!
Presented by: Val Turner, Mandy Tenant


The Guide

A look at what's going on in Bradford and beyond

Presented by: Joe Cooke, Michael Clough


Keeping It Green In 2019

Keeping it green in 2019

Presented by: Martin Bijl


Afternoon Stretch

Music and interviews
Presented by: Dave Storm



News, Interviews and music

Presented by: Fran Coldrick


Radio Venus

An oasis of fine female broadcasting
Presented by: Debbie Wilkinson, Angie Carrington, Shingai Mabhumbo and Sathya Garcia


BCB Xtra

The voice of young people in Bradford.


Bradford Spice

BCB's Urdu language programme
Presented by: Mahmud Tarique


Basement Scene

The best new and interesting music

Presented by: Joe Emmett

On the show today tunes from: Tacocat, Lisa Prank, Cultdreams, Peach Club. Hater, Chastity Belt, Onsind, Fritz, Dry Cleaning, Grey Hairs, Jay Som, Itoldyouiwouldeatyou, Hovvdy, Esther Rose,

Also: Richard Dawson, Lilith, Woahnows , Purple Pilgrims, Beige Palace, Parsnip, Charmpit, Queen Of Jeans, Roxy Girls, U.S Highball and Russian Circles


Griff's Magic Theatre

Where the price of entry is your mind!

Presented by: Griff


Fast 'n' Bulbous

Beefheart & beyond

Presented by: Tez Burke


The Graveyard Shift

Music for beyond midnight


BCB Music Showcase

Another chance to hear BCB's finest specialist music shows

About the BCB Schedule

BCB broadcasts a wide range of speech based and specialist music programmes, as well as local sports and live events. Our weekday daytime programming is speech led, moving into community programming at 6pm, the BCB Extra Youth strand at 6.30, Asian language programming at 7pm and finishing with an eclectic range of specialist music from 8pm onwards.

The weekend schedule reflects the local sports scene, community language programmes as well as outside broadcasts and the chance to catch up with the programmes you’ve missed during the week.

The programme schedule changes daily with over 80 new programmes broadcast throughout the week.

This week on BCB

Bradford Festival

We start our broadcasts for the festival on Friday 12th July at 4:00pm.

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Sun 18th Aug 01:00 - 09:00

BCB Music Showcase

Another chance to hear a selection of BCB's finest specialist music programmesListen Live

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