Service Status

We provide three different broadcast services, our FM radio signal, a listen live service via the internet, and a listen again service also via the internet.

If you notice any problems we’d like to hear about it.

Call us on 01274 771677 (there may be an answer machine, please leave a message)
Twitter: @bcbradio

Current Status

FM Signal No known issues
Listen Live (internet) No Known Issues
Listen Again (internet) Working, but due to recent service interuptions not all programmes will be available.

Issue Log

Fri. 28th Sept – Sun. 30th September 2018

We’ve had more intermittent outages on the Virgin Media service that supplies the internet to our premises over the weekend.

The listen live service was unavailable and listen again will be effected for those times as well.

Apologies, but problems with our ISP are beyond our control.

Sun. 19th August 2018

We had an outage on the Virgin Media service that supplied the internet to our premises from approx 1pm to 3:30pm.

The listen live service was unavailable and listen again will be effected for those times as well.

Apologies, but problems with our ISP are beyond our control.

Sun. 22nd July 2018

Shows were running 8 mins late, but in full, on Sunday evening following an over run on a live sports broadcast earlier in the day.

Fri. 20th July 2018

A brief internet outage around 9am has meant that the listen again service for the 9am -10am show will not be available.

Sun. 15th July 2018

We had some dead air for around 45 minutes as we ended our festival coverage. This seems to have been down to human error.

Tue. 10th July 2018

Some people are reporting low or fluctuating levels on the FM broadcast signal. We’re investigating. At the moment we think all is well at the station. Investigations are under way at the transmitter.

Sat. 7th – Mon. 9th July 2018

Listen again link has changed to https not http. This is a change by our external provider that we were not aware of. It meant that people going to the old address were getting a a 404 message. We’ve update the main links from the website so hopefully people are directed correctly now.

Mon. 2nd July 2018

We’re fixing the broken kit today including our transmitter and some internal equipment in our sound distribution chain. There will be sporadic minor  interuptions throughout the day. We expect things to be right by the early evening.

27th June 2018

We had reports of a distorted broadcast signal this morning (thanks Adam!). This was due to the airing a repeat of a live broadcast from yesterday that became distorted as we recorded it yesterday. The recording was part of the signal chain affected by the change of a piece of failed hardware.

26th June 2018

We continue to have problems following on from the issues yesterday. We’ve had some downtime as we continue to replace repaired and failing hardware. We’ve also had to adjust broadcast levels, but as of 6pm today we think all is well.

25 June 2018

4:50pm – we got the FM signal back up earlier, but caused numerous interruptions in the mean time. The failure was due to a distribution amplifier in our system dying on us. This feeds the signal from our studios to the rest of the world. This brought down both the streaming services and the FM signal. We were able to re-route the streaming signal, but the broadcast signal took a bit more diagnosis. Again, apologies for any inconvenience.

13:55 – we’ve lost out FM signal which has also affected out digital signal. We’ve re-routed the signal to the digital players so you should be able to listen online.

22nd – 25th June 2018

We lost our streaming service around 4:30pm on Friday 22nd June and re-instated it on Monday 25th around 9:30am. This was due to an internal IT issue. This will have had the knock on effect of disrupting the listen again services meaning that anything broadcast during that time will not be available on listen again. Apologies for any inconvenience.

14th June 2018

We have been informed of a missing part of a the Yorkshire Music Collective show on the Listen Again service around 22:53. This is probably due to an interuption in  the broadband service to the building which is beyond our control. Normal service seems to have been restored around 23:00, Apologies.

5th – 9th June 2018

We are aware that our Listen Again service was quiet during this period. We are unsure as to why. There are a number of parts in the chain that serves this audio and we don’t think it was anything we did. We were not notified of any issues by our partner services.

All seems well again now tho.

31st May 2018

Our website was down from 06:49 to 09:51 today.

This would have made it hard to access our listen again and listen live services, although those services were still running, so anyone accessing them by other means (e.g. Radioplayer App, or via direct URL) should not have been affected.

Update: We think was because Jonathan Pinfield went viral that day!

16th May 2018

Our transmitter was found to be faulty and has been replaced by a temporary one while we get it fixed. This explains recent interruptions to service on the FM signal, but all is well again now.

15th May 2018

We experienced some interruption to our FM signal with short outages around 9:30am, 10:20am, and 11am. We are monitoring this.

13th April 2018

All internet services are back to normal following work carried out by Virgin Media.

4th – 12th April 2018

We’re experiencing problems with our internet provider Virgin Media which means we have intermittent broadband.

This affects our listen again and listen live services meaning some shows will not be available live online or via listen again.

We apologise for this, but it’s out of our hands.

14th March 2018

We think we had a brief power outage overnight on (date) this meant there was no FM broadcast for 8 hours overnight. We were able to broadcast from 9am, and to return to our advertised schedule at 10am.