BCB Newsletter – February 2020

Radio Venus IWD broadcast: Sunday 8th March


Join us on BCB on Sunday 8th March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

It’s the day when women take over the airwaves on BCB, coming together to present a full day of women’s broadcasting.

Over 50 women will be involved on the day, reflecting Bradford and the wonderful world we live in including Belle Vue girls, The Brickbox Ladies, Free2BeMe, Working Class Women, Speakers Corner, FGM, Bradford Fringe, Kirsty Taylor, Palestinian women – and LOADS more!

Have a look at the BCB website next week for the final schedule for the day.

If you’d like to be part of this there’s still time – contact Mary for more info.

Ofcom Training Sessions


Thanks to 84 people who have attended our Ofcom Broadcasting Code Training sessions so far.

Every presenter needs to attend a session, so we will be planning one last big push to make sure everyone has taken part.

There has been some interesting discussions, especially around how presenters plan their programmes – and about the role and responsibilities of presenters, especially when we’re chatting to guests on live programmes.

Some of our daytime programmes including About Bradford, Round Table, Afternoon Stretch and Drive are presented by different presenters on different days – and a few presenters have mentioned that they’d like more regular meetings and get together of the programme teams, so we’ll look at planning some in the months to come.

Youth Music Live!


Our Youth Music Live! project continues.

Masterclass 5 is this Sunday at Prospect Studios, and Masterclass 4 took place earlier in the month at Kala Sangam.

Stay up to date via the website at https://bcbradioyouth.music.blog/

We’ve also started to create a Bradford Music Map of the resources available to young musicians in the district. Let us know what you think.

Coronavirus and BCB


This issue has been raised by one our concerned volunteers.

Just to let you know that during this period of the coronavirus epidemic, BCB will be following the guidelines and advice issued by Public Health England.

At this stage this is mostly common sense – e.g. encouraging everyone to wash their hands, cough and sneeze into a tissue, keep surfaces clean, wash up cups properly etc.

Obviously we expect anyone associated with BCB to follow PHE protocols about quarantine if they have been in an infected area. Of course if the situation changes, we will follow any new advice issued.

World Radio Day 2020


UNESCO’s International World Radio was held on Thursday 13th February.

This year’s theme was promoting diversity on the airwaves, reflecting the variety of the audiences.

We had a busy day, with lots of guests in the studio, including some of our presenters who appeared as guests on About Bradford and Drive, to chat to us about how they got involved in BCB, their radio programmes and why they think BCB and radio is so important.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the day – here’s to World Radio Day 2021!

Bonjour Francois Bikindou!


Last week. we were very pleased to welcome back Francois Bikindou on a flying visit to the UK.

Francois is a journalist and was a well-known BCB volunteer for over 10 years. He arrived in Bradford as a refugee from the Congo and got involved with BCB, putting his journalistic skills into practice as a broadcaster.

He was part of the original ‘Africa on Air’ team and then went on to present his weekly ’Diaspora’ programme for the French-speaking African diaspora in Bradford – and beyond.

He proudly obtained his British citizenship and his wife and children came over to live with him in Bradford. About 5 years ago, Francois was encouraged to go back to Congo Brazzaville where he now lives and runs his own media company.

Recycling at BCB


Just a reminder to make sure that when you are at BCB, you separate your rubbish into the appropriate recycling bins and bags that are in the kitchen.

They are clearly labelled so please follow instructions!

Time To Talk Day


On Thursday 6 February, BCB were happy to support Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust’s campaign for Time to Talk Day.

The day encourages people to get chatting about mental health and seek support if they need it.

If you’re feeling low, stressed or anxious, or you’re having problems sleeping, then please tell someone!

The MyWellbeing College website has lots of great free advice, guides, tools and assistance too.

Featured Programme Of The Month


Every month, we focus the spotlight on one show BCB broadcasts and tell you more about it. This time we’re giving you more information about The Onion with Dipak Mistry.

The Onion broadcasts on BCB every Saturday night 11-12am and is based around Dipak’s love of global beats, electronica and beyond – so you can expect to hear anything and everything on the show.

Dipak is always on the look out for new music, from local and far. If you know anyone who wants to send him music, email Dipak.

Audio Wall Clean Up


Want to help us sort out the Audio Wall?

A number of people have ideas, comments, suggestions about how best to manage the space (or lack of it) and the content on it. There may just be enough of you to form a working group.

Let us know if you want to get involved in making things better.

Congratulations to BCB’s Carole Moss!


Congratulations to Carole Moss, who has just celebrated a Very Big Birthday!

Carole is a much loved and committed volunteer at BCB. She has presented One to One every Thursday lunchtime for over 10 years now, interviewing all the movers and shakers of the Bradford District and finding out what makes them tick!

She also chairs the Programming and Editorial group at BCB. Thank you so much for all you give to BCB Carole. You are very much appreciated.

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