BCB Newsletter – January 2020

Radio Venus: IWD broadcast on BCB


Calling all BCB Women!
It’s that time of the year again – International Women’s Day, Sunday 8th of March.

It’s the day when BCB women take over the airwaves and present Radio Venus. Bradford women and girls come together and produce a day celebrating all things female.

If you’ve got any ideas for programmes or interviews – or women who might want to get involved with the broadcast then email Julie or Mary.

There are women’s radio workshops at BCB every Thursday 2-4pm so do come along.

BCB Get Together: Tuesday 4 February 6pm


The first BCB Get Together 2020 is on Tuesday, 4 February 6pm at BCB.

Lots has been happening in BCB land and there’s lots more to come in 2020 so do come along, keep up to date and be part of shaping our future.

Tony Painter has kindly agreed to coordinate the session, alongside Dom Burch, so if there’s anything you’d particularly like to talk about then let  Tony know

We’re planning to talk about re-using BCB programmes and content on other platforms, update on the premises, BCB ‘going green’ in the building 2020, and reviewing the BCB schedule – what should we do more of or less of – or sack completely! Hope to see you there.

We’re planning to go to Café Regal for a curry afterwards if you fancy coming along.

Get Involved with BCB’s Live OBs


We are about to begin planning the year’s Outside Broadcasting activity and would like to reconvene the OB Group as soon as possible.

This group organises which outside broadcasts BCB do throughout the year.

Previous contributors/participants have been: Kathy Dyson, Banaris Iqbal Graham Glover, Phil Lickley, Adam Paterson, Shamim Akhtar and Michael Swires.

We would welcome new members to the group, so please feel free to join us. If you’re interested in getting involved please email Kathy Dyson who is convening the group.

World Radio Day 2020: Thurs 13 February


It’s Unesco World Radio Day on Thursday, 13th of February.

The theme for this year’s celebration of the role of radio is ‘promoting diversity’.

Unesco reminds us that at the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium.

Alongside BCB’s regular programme schedule (which we see as always promoting diversity), we are looking to produce and broadcast some special items on this theme.

If you’d like to be involved in this, have ideas for content then please contact Jonathan.

Featured Programme Of The Month


Every month, we focus the spotlight on one show BCB broadcasts and tell you more about it.

This time we’re giving you more information about Around the World in 60 minutes with Gary Miller.

Around The World in 60 Minutes broadcasts on BCB every four weeks and aims to present a wide cross section of non-mainstream music from around the world to listeners.

BCB – Going Green in 2020

Pictured is the board where we’re keeping all the suggestions to help BCB to be more environmentally friendly.

BCB has made a commitment to use radio to raise awareness of climate change and environment issues.

We are now looking hard at how we can change how we do things in the building and we need your help with practical ideas for reducing BCB’s carbon footprint.

We’ve recently switched to a green energy supplier Bulb, (do let us know if you want to switch as BCB can get £50 if we recommend you!) using soap in the toilets rather than plastic handwash bottles, etc and we’re now looking for other things that we can change. Bring your suggestions to the BCB Get together or have a chat with Mary.

OFCOM Broadcasting Code Training Sessions


Thanks to everyone who attended one of our Ofcom Broadcasting Code training sessions before Christmas.

As you know, one of the requirements of our community radio license is that all our presenters must have taken part in one of our training sessions, as well as having read and understood the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.

If you haven’t had chance to come along to a session yet, then please can you make a date in your diary to attend one of the following sessions at BCB:

Wednesday 12th February:

Tuesday 25th February:

Please can email Jonathan to confirm which session you are attending.

Each session will last just over one hour. We’ll go through the Ofcom Code and highlight your legal responsibility as a presenter, our contributors & guests and for programmes on BCB.

Every presenter must read and understand the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, so it will also be helpful if you can read it before you attend one of the sessions. Here’s a link to the Ofcom Broadcasting Code. We look forward to seeing you at one of the sessions.

Tell us about your show


We’re looking at ways that BCB can help and support you to promote your programme online in future and we’d like to find out more about if (and how) you currently promote your BCB radio programme(s) online.

Please can you take a few minutes to complete the following survey so we can build a picture of who’s doing what: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BWVPWYC

Youth Music Live!


Our next Youth Music event for young people aged 12 – 25 is this Sunday, 2nd of February 2020 from 2pm – 5pm.

It’s at Kala Sangam, and we’re calling it The Big Jam at the Kala Sangam.

It’s FREE, and there are still places available. Contact David if you want in at the last minute!

We’re going to have a big ol’ jam using the big stage at the venue.

Participants should bring their instruments and gear and be ready to make some noise. We’ll provide drums, the venue has the PA, so bring instruments, amps, etc. Check with us if not sure.

We’ll also take a look at the art of lighting the stage, and people will be able to have a go at lighting when they are not playing. We’ll also have Suggy, coming to show us how to take photos at a gig.

BCB’s Political Team – Tuesday 11th February Meeting


The Programming, Editorial and Planning group has decided to make BCB’s political reporting more comprehensive and to cover a wider geographical area.

The idea is to explain local political issues in more depth, broaden the range of issues covered and to encourage greater involvement in local politics.

To achieve this, we’re creating a team of volunteers interested in reporting on a range of political events, actions and meetings across the whole metropolitan area of Bradford.

The first meeting will take place on Tuesday 11th February at BCB at 6pm and anyone interested in being part of the team are warmly invited to come along.

If you would like to be involved but cannot make the meeting, please be in touch with Jonathan Pinfield and we will send you notes of the meeting and next steps.

Likewise, anyone with any specific ideas they would like to take forward, either bring them or email them to Jonathan. The aim is to organise and plan during February, for spring, in order to have a good run up to the local elections in May.

How did you get to BCB today?


We think that transport is probably one of the biggest contributions to climate change that happens as a result of what we do at BCB – all those people traveling to see us.

We also think that many people make lower carbon choices, but we don’t really have any good data to back that up.

Introducing the BCB Cycling Calendar. Thanks to Rodger, one of our new studio managers, you can now stamp our calendar when you arrive by bicycle to give us an idea of how many people arrive by bike and how that falls across the weeks and months.

BCB Blood Drive


Did you know there’s a shortage of men donating blood in Bradford? Yet there are plenty of good reasons why men make good blood donors.

1. Men can donate more often than women
Men can give blood every 12 weeks whereas women have to wait 16 weeks to protect their iron levels. As men can donate more often, men who donate regularly play a big role in providing the almost 5,000 donations needed every day.

2. Men are often suitable platelet donors
Men generally have a higher platelet count than women, meaning they are more likely to be accepted as a platelet donor.The process of donating platelets takes longer than giving blood – but it is just as straightforward – and you can donate up to 24 times a year.

3. Men’s blood often contains fewer antibodies
The absence of some antibodies in men’s blood makes it easier to use in blood products such as plasma and platelets (often used to treat people with burns and cancer or those in accidents). Women can create extra antibodies during pregnancy which means their blood is not always suitable for people with weakened immune systems.

If you’re interested in giving blood get in touch. Dom is leading the charge on behalf of Mancom. He’s scared of needles so wants the moral support. If you’re planning on going or want to get involved please email dom.burch@bcbradio.co.uk

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