BCB Newsletter – May 2021

Welcome to the latest BCB newsletter. Here’s a taste of what’s been happening recently at BCB. Do let us know if you have any news for the next newsletter.

BCB Spring Break 10-16 May – Please read: Action Needed

After 19 years of full time broadcasting 24/7, we’ve decided that we need to set aside one week every quarter where we can stop, breathe and do some forward planning – as well as some of the important jobs that never quite get done!

During each of these weeks i.e. once every three months, we will not be broadcasting any new or live programmes. Instead we’ll be broadcasting pre-recorded/timeless/archive programmes that we’ll schedule in advance of the week. This will mean that there’ll be some changes to the usual schedule.

Our first ‘BCB on a Break’ week will be Spring BreakMonday 10 to Sunday 16 May. All the programmes during this week will be pre-recorded and will need to be scheduled into our playout system before Friday 7 May. 

Music programmes: If you are currently recording a programme for broadcast please can you record it so it could also be repeated in the week 10-16 May. Please do not make any “time sensitive” references in your programme i.e. don’t refer to any dates etc.  This should be a “stand alone” programme (that we can repeat again at a later date). Send it to us at radioshows@bcbradio.co.uk ASAP and label the audio file with your programme name (followed by) TIMELESS.

Speech based programmes: If you usually present a programme that contains time-sensitive information we’ll be in contact with you to get a plan of action for what we’ll broadcast from 10-16 May.

Daytime current affairs/news programmes: Bradford and Beyond/ About Bradford/Roundtable: We will not be broadcasting these programmes this week so you can take the week off!

Timeless/archive programmes: This is a great opportunity for you to produce a new one off/timeless programme that we can add to the BCB archive. You know – that programme that you’ve always intended to make! Please let us know ASAP if you plan to record a programme for the archive.

As this is the first time we’ve ever done this there may be well be some teething troubles but we can use this as a pilot, learn together and get better for next time!

(Programmes that are due for broadcast in the week commencing 17 May should be sent in as usual and they will scheduled when we return to normal duties on the 17th!)

Tech Specs:

1 hour shows should be 59m 52s – the last 4 mins should be music – no speech

30-min shows should be 29m 52s – the last 4 mins should be music – no speech

File format: mp3 OR m4a – 44,100 – 16 bit

Label: Programme Name followed by TIMELESS 1 eg. Press Start TIMELESS 1

Programme audio links should be emailed to: radioshows@bcbradio.co.uk (please do not cc in members of staff) – you should receive a confirmation email we have received your link (doesn’t always work for links from G-Drive accounts).

AND FINALLY! If you want any clarification with what you need to do, please get in contact with Jonathan:


BCB Premises

As we start to ease out of lockdown, we’re looking again at the feasibility of re-opening 11 Rawson Road. So many of you have been asking about getting back into the building so we want to give you an update on what we’ve been doing.

Over the last few weeks we’ve set up a Premises Task group which is a joint group of Management Committee, staff, and volunteers. As well as looking at our longer term move out of the building into new premises in 2023, it’s also looking at getting back into Rawson Road. There are 3 phases to this process: 1 Exploring what needs to be done to make the building covid secure and ready for use – and then implementing those actions; 2. Limited opening and access to see how it works in practice; 3.Full opening of the building within the new limits of a yet unknown Covid future. So we are currently in phase 1. We are organising a deep clean of the building, servicing the gas boiler etc. Also we’ve had someone to look at our ventilation system (thanks BCB volunteer Pete Dutton!). The good news is that it’s a clean air ventilation system which brings fresh air into the building – ventilation is a big factor in reopening buildings in covid times and as we have no opening windows at BCB this is really important. So we will get that serviced and ready for use.

We’re also drawing up the covid risk assessments and what we’ll be asking anyone to do if they are planning to come into the building. This is of course evolving as the knowledge changes, testing becomes readily available and vaccination roll out continues.

So we’re moving forward very cautiously. Rest assured that the health and well being of all the BCB community – staff, volunteers and guests  – is our greatest concern. We will be sharing with you any proposals that we come up with for re-opening the building and listening to what you have to say.

May Bank Holidays: Show Deadlines


There’s a few bank holidays coming up in May and, on these days,staff won’t be working and scheduling shows as normal. If you have a show that is being broadcast these days here’s the information that you need to know.

Bank Holiday Monday Programmes:

Deadline for programmes broadcast on Monday 3 May: 2pm on Friday 30 April

Deadline for programmes broadcast on Monday 31 May: 2pm on Friday 28 May

Tech Specs:

1 hour shows should be 59m 52s – the last 4 mins should be music – no speech

30-min shows should be 29m 52s – the last 4 mins should be music – no speech

File format: mp3 OR m4a – 44,100 – 16 bit

Label: Programme Name followed by TIMELESS 1 eg. Press Start TIMELESS 1

Programme audio links should be emailed to: radioshows@bcbradio.co.uk (please do not cc in members of staff) – you should receive a confirmation email we have received your link (doesn’t always work for links from G-Drive accounts).

AND FINALLY! If you want any clarification with what you need to do, please get in contact with Jonathan:


Youth Music

Our Youth Music project has had to change shape due to the Corona virus. Before we were getting people together in groups to learn live music skills in Bradford venues, now we are having to work differently.

​In order to covid proof the work, we’re supporting young people directly with one-to-one mentoring and a budget that they can spend directly on their musical ambitions. This should see them through to the end of the project at the end of this year.

We’ve got 5 mentors in place and 8 young people signed up.

You can listen to Asher talking about his first time in a professional recording environment, which came about through the project here:

For more information contact david.carpenter@bcbradio.co.uk

Featured Programme of the Month

Boe&LX have recently started doing a show on BCB so we wanted to tell you more about it. The show goes out fortnightly from 11pm through till Midnight and presents a variety of disco, jazz, soul, funk and electronic music. Digging deep into their record collections to bring old undiscovered gems back to life and mixing them with upfront, brand new talent from around the world. You can find them on Twitter at @Boe_Lx, get in touch with them at me@leegoater.com and hear there most recent shows at there Mixcloud.

“This is BCB news” brought to you by Leeds Trinity

Since 1993 Leeds Trinity University media students have been honing their news reading and journalism skills on BCB and this year is no different. The Trinity news team has been providing hourly news bulletins, Monday-Friday, 10-6pm since 19th April alongside our own bulletins and will continue to do so until Friday 7th May.

Oldies still in the album chart

John Hebden is doing a programme entitled “Oldies still in the album chart”, which will highlight 70s and 80s artists who are still registering in the current UK album top 100 – Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Bob Marley and the like. John is looking for any BCBers who are interested in this period of music who would like to be involved in the programme. If you are get in touch with him at john.hebden@bcbradio.co.uk

Meet Our Management Committee

In this month’s newsletter we thought we’d tell you about BCB’s Management Committee and who is on it.

BCB’s management committee is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers.They are each voted onto the committee at the BCB AGM, serving a maximum period of three years before needing to seek re-election.

Each member of the committee is a director of the limited company and as such has a corporate governance role on behalf the organisation. This includes sitting on one of the subcommittees that oversee the strategic direction of the organisation and cover health and safety, employment, broadcasting, fundraising and marketing, and finance.

The individuals involved all have a wealth of experience and knowledge, spanning a diverse number of sectors including education, business, social enterprise, occupational health, and finance.

Dom Burch

Dom Burch is the chair of BCB’s Management Committee.

• Name: Dom Burch

• How long you’ve been on Mancom? 9 years

• When you first got involved with BCB and why? On my career break from Asda in 2011, Mary nabbed me for Roundtable at an event in Bradford

• An interesting fact about you: I’m related to Aston Merrygold from the boyband JLS

• Why you are proud to be a BCB volunteer? Because together we help transform people’s lives for the better

Naeem Nawaz

Naeem Nawaz is BCB’s treasurer

• Name: Naeem Nawaz

• How long you’ve been on Mancom? Dec 2016 (5 years)

• When you first got involved with BCB and why? Fill a skills gap on MANCOM around budgeting, forecasting and long term financial planning. I am involved on other charities/voluntary groups and was approached and asked to join BCB

• An interesting fact about you: Play cricket for Yorkshire disabled team and have played at Headingley, Old Trafford, Lords, The Oval and Rose Bowl

• Why you are proud to be a BCB volunteer? Brings people together and servers all communities. Playing my part along with others in ensuring BCB is looking ahead in these challenging and unique times.

Shamim Akhtar

• Name: Shamim Akhtar

• How long you’ve been on Mancom? 3 years

• When you first got involved with BCB and why? Short version is that I came for some radio training with a group of women in 2013 with the aim of it helping to build our confidence and Mary persuaded me to become part of the ‘family’

• An interesting fact about you: I love watching football and have a cat called Stevie, named after legendary footballer Steven Gerrard

• Why you are proud to be a BCB volunteer? Cannot put into words what BCB and our radio community means to me – what I will say is that it has changed my life and that of many others and I’m proud to be part of this organisation that really cares

Kirran Shah

• Name: Kirran Shah

• How long you’ve been on Mancom? Board member since 2019

• When you first got involved with BCB and why? In late 2017, I started training with Mary and David and then they talked me into presenting Drive in 2018!

• An interesting fact about you: I presented and produced ‘Out Loud’, an arts documentary for BBC Radio 4 in 2019

• Why you are proud to be a BCB volunteer? Because we amplify voices outside the mainstream, BCB nurtures people and shares stories from unheard communities

Tony Painter

• Name: Tony Painter

• How long you’ve been on Mancom? I joined Mancom at the AGM at the beginning of 2020.

• When you first got involved with BCB and why? My first BCB contact was late 2015, when The Record Club started our show. We only had one person able to “man the decks” so I went for some training. By the time I had the rudimentary skills, I’d been signed up for my own show…

• An interesting fact about you: In 1971, before he was properly famous, I sat next to Elton John at a Loudon Wainwright concert in Brighton Dome.

• Why you are proud to be a BCB volunteer? I am particularly proud of playing a small part in helping BCB to empower Bradford people.

Joe Sheeran

• Name: Joe Sheeran. Migrant from Ireland to Bradford in 1935

• When you first got involved with BCB and why? Involved with BCB from 2002. Started broadcasting weekly ‘Echoes of Ireland’ (an Irish cultural programme), shortly thereafter and still running

• An interesting fact about you: Was Chair of BCB for almost 15 years

Kathy Dyson

• Name: Kathy Dyson

• How long you’ve been on Mancom? This is my third year on Mancom.

• When you first got involved with BCB and why? I got involved at BCB when I was running some jazz gigs at the Black Dyke Mills and Norah Mc William ( who nows has the Queensbury Tunnel Campaign) asked me to do the interview. Jonathan then asked me to do a jazz show and Mary asked me if I wanted to co-present a Drive show.

• An interesting fact about you: I travelled around Europe for five years in a caravan with my husband and daughter playing gigs, festivals and busking.

• Why you are proud to be a BCB volunteer? BCB is a great organisation for connecting people from all different backgrounds and situations across the city. I like the general trust that is placed in us presenters and the fact that we are allowed to be ourselves. It’s the radio equivalent of a rich, vibrant, inviting, open public space filled with a plethora of different voices creating dialogues

Di Ives

• Name: Di Ives

• How long you’ve been on Mancom? I joined Mancom in 2020

• When you first got involved with BCB and why? I actually joined BCB in 2018 but I have been aware of BCB for many years and when I was employed by the Council, was able to provide an outpost in Shipley for broadcasting. So after I retired I was invited to sit in on afternoon stretch by Val Turner and through conversations with Mary and the fact that I always wanted to be a DJ I became a presenter of The Classical Hour!!

• An interesting fact about you: My passions are music, food, travel and the outdoors and have toured Europe, Scandinavia and the Uk in  an old Campervan which amazingly is still going (like me)!!

• Why you are proud to be a BCB volunteer? I love being involved with BCB because it’s local, about Bradford, my home town, with its many different communities.

Banaris Iqbal

Banaris is one of BCB’s longest serving presenters.He has also co-presented shows on the BBC Asian Network and serves on BCB’s management committee.Banaris loves Bollywood remixes, films (and fast food, but don’t tell anyone).

Alan Keeling

I spent 10 years in the Royal Navy.In 1960 I joined the Prudential Assurance Co, for 5 years and while I enjoyed working with people selling was not my bag.

In 1965 I moved to Shipley U.D.C. on amalgamation to Bradford M.D.C. housing department going from rent man to managing and then retiring after 32 years. In 1998 I was at a loose end I took a course on modern history at Bradford Uni and also one at BCB radio. 23 years later I am still here and enjoying it.

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