BCB Newsletter – October 2019

Black History Month

A diverse group of people looking pensive around the radio recording desk
Presenters during a hands on radio workshop

Well done to everyone who contributed to our Black History Month coverage.
It was the most extensive coverage we’ve ever had on BCB.

Throughout October a team of people, coordinated by Nigel Guy, produced and presented programmes and features focusing on the contribution of African and Caribbean community members.

This culminated on Sunday 27th October with BCB hosting 12 hours of live broadcasting celebrating BHM (… and of course the award winning buffet!)

Thank you again to everyone who took part and worked so hard to make it a success.

Lend Us Your Voice

A graphical representation of a bald silhouette with half circles echoing from the mouth

We’re looking for BCB volunteers to take part in a series of jingles to celebrate people’s experiences of volunteering here at BCB Radio.

We are aiming to recruit more volunteers over the next few months, so we want to know what you enjoy about volunteering with us, or if there’s a specific moment or event you would like to share with us. Think Positive!

We’ll be on hand to help putting the jingles together so don’t worry if you haven’t done one before!

Please contact Jo Kenyon for more info jo.kenyon@bcbradio.co.uk

Drive and About Bradford Team meeting

A couple of people seated and chatting happily over piles of paper on a blue table

On October 21st, we held a get together for the Drive and About Bradford teams.

This was a really useful way of bringing together the staff and volunteers who currently work together to produce those programmes and to work out ways to make them even better.

We all appreciated the importance of everyone’s contribution and recognise how much time and effort goes into making those programmes happen. Several actions were suggested and these are starting to be implemented.

These meetings will be held every quarter – next one in January 2020.

Islamophobia Awareness Month

A logo of a white hand pointing up set against a ghaslty dirty yellow background

November is Islamophobia Awareness Month. The theme of the month is ‘Muslim Changemakers’.

On BCB we are working with young people from MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development) to present more positive media images of the Muslim community and individuals and to raise awareness of Islamophobia.

If you’d like to be involved in any way, to suggest people for interview or to take this as a theme for your programme, please contact Mary or Jonathan.

Featured Programme Of The Month

A group of 4 people forcibly smiling at the camera, crowding around the radio desk

Every month, we focus the spotlight on one show BCB broadcasts and tell you more about it.

This time we’re giving you more information about Research Matters by Marcus Rattray – Professor of Pharmacology and Head of the School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences at University of Bradford.

Research Matters is a new BCB programme – the second edition went out two weeks ago – and goes out every four weeks. The show highlights and celebrates the amazing research coming out of the University of Bradford and chats to the people undertaking it.

Youth Music Live

A graphical representation of all things radio related tinted blue on white background

Our Youth Music Live! project is delivered thanks to funding from the Youth Music charity, and is aimed at young people aged 12 -25.

As well as featuring more young and local music on BCB, we’re offering great learning opportunities for young musicians.

Our next Masterclass events are on Sunday 3rd November and Saturday 7th December.

Our November date is at the Brick Box Rooms and will concentrate on everything you need to create a great performance in a small space. With input from Kirsty Taylor and Dom Sheard, it’s a chance for young musicians to pick the brains of experienced Bradford talent.

December’s event will focus on computer generated music at the Design Exchange in Little Germany with shi and Kriss Blank of Weirdspace, a popup makerspace in the heart of Bradford interested in supporting and promoting creative technology.

More information and registration details can be found on the dedicated website at: https://bcbradioyouth.music.blog/

Congratulations to Ann Morgan!

A person with pink hair and spectacles looking slightly surprised and smiling, holding a transparent, possibly glass structure with both hands

BCB would like to say a massive congratulations to Ann Morgan for her success at this year’s Yorkshire Gig Guide Grassroots awards.

Ann won the award for Outstanding Media on the night. Congratulations Ann! A fitting reward for all your hard work!

Save the date – BCB AGM Saturday 30 November!

Words written in uppercase with chalk on a green board with a dark wooden border

The BCB AGM will be held on Saturday 30 November in the morning at BCB Studios. More details to follow but put the date in your diary.

Music Lessons at BCB

A person with glasses holding a guitar is writing something for another person holding a guitar to look at

A new group is sharing their guitar skills on Tuesday mornings at BCB.

The session is for just 30 minutes, but allows us to pick up knowledge and ideas from each other to improve our playing.

The group has been helped on its way by the donation of a guitar – so there’s now a BCB guitar kicking around. Feel free to give it a go.

Other instruments have been suggested and a breakout cello lesson has reportedly occurred. If you want to be involved, or want to offer something new at a different time, then let us know.

Baby Week Bradford

A bright banner with lots of colours and hearts

The 2nd Annual Baby week Bradford takes place from 4th to 10th November, featuring over 40 free events across the district.

During the week, there will be something for everyone – fun activities for families and babies such as messy play, story and rhyme time, mini music sessions, outdoor play, a wetland walk and baby raves!

Tune in to BCB Drive every day next week for our Baby Week Coverage. There’ll be features throughout the week at 4:05pm.

More information can be found at www.babyweekbradford.org.

‘Tapping’ up Talent at BCB!

Two silver taps, one with a red band and the other blue, infront of white kitchen tiles

A big thanks to this month’s BCB Gold Star Volunteers!

As everyone will have noticed, over the last few months there’s been a problem with our hot water tap in the kitchen at BCB.  But no more!

On Tuesday Dave Shera, alongside his glamorous assistant Banaris Iqbal, came in and replaced the kitchen taps. We now have two shiny, elegant, functioning taps in the kitchen.  Simple pleasures….

Thanks again Dave. And tune in to Dave’s ‘Tap Twenty’ on Wednesday’s Afternoon Stretch!

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