BCB Website: Programme Pages, Presenter Profiles, Music Blog

We’ve been doing some work on the BCB website over the past few weeks and there are a few things we wanted to tell you about.

Programme Pages

We’ve added a new section for programme pages, as some of you may have already seen. It’s currently under construction but you can have a look here.

The plan is to have individual pages for each programme  with 1) a description of the programme 2) when the programme is next on, and 3) when the programme was last on with Listen Again links.

To make the most of these pages we need some information from you about your shows. If you could please fill in this form that would be great: https://tinyurl.com/bcbprogrammes

Presenter Profiles

While we’re at it, we thought it would be a good idea to update / create some new presenter profiles for the website.

The link to do both of those things is here: https://tinyurl.com/bcbpresenters

The word count is 300 maximum and the profile should be written in the third person. If you’re a new presenter we’ll need to get a photo at some point, but for now we’ve got a plan to do without.

Music Blog

The BCB music blog is back up and running but not currently in use by anyone. If you’ve got ideas for use and want to contribute then get in touch with us.

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