Call To Action / Update

This is an update and a call to action for all BCB presenters.

Programme Pages

Thanks to all the people that have sent us information about thier programmes for our new Programme Pages on the website:

ACTION: We’re now asking for you to provide a picture/image for your show, that we can display on that page, and on the individual programme page.

If you want to alter the text on your programme page, please fill in this form:

Listen Again

The new programme pages make it much easier to find your show on the listen again website. You might find it easier to point people to your programme page on the BCB Website rather then telling them to go directly to the listen again website.

If you have your shows on a podcast platform (mixcloud etc), then that information can go on your Programme Page.

Track of the Week

As part of the Youth Music Project, we’re trying to showcase one track each week made by young people from the district. The track should be linked from the website each Monday. maybe you could feature it in your show?

If you do chose to use it please tell us so we can report back to the funders.

Promoting your show

Thanks to everyone who is sending information for tweets and our online schedule on a regular basis – it’s great to give people more information about your shows. It would be great to get more presenters doing this so we’ve come up with a few guidelines on how to do so:

What we need from you: A short description (under 280 characters which is Twitter’s limit) of what’s on your show when it is being broadcast (guests, music, themes, relavent pieces of info), any relevant twitter handles, and a landscape photo.

The photo doesn’t need to be a picture of yourself (although it can be if you’d like!) but it does need to be something related to the show and in landscape. The photo needs to be in landscape as Twitter crops portrait photos.

Where to send it to: DM us on Twitter at @bcbradio or email

When we need it by / Deadlines: Ideally we need this information 5pm the day before your show is broadcast – this gives us chance to schedule social media posts and update our online schedule.If you can send this information before then please do, the sooner we get it the sooner we can use it. Any information sent after 5pm on the day of a show will not be updated. NB: this doesn’t apply to anybody producing About Bradford programmes which are usually produced on the day.

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