STOP press, User does not know everything.

If I do not appear in photographic form in a blog post then it is important that I put my name in the title, or the old ego will begin to suffer. Anyhow beyond that I would like to draw your attention to an album that slipped past my radar. Back from June now. I am taking the view that if this is news to me, then it might be news to other people.

Album Art - Obligatory blog post accompaniment

Album Art - Obligatory blog post accompaniment

I am talking about an the work that Stuart Murdoch has been getting up to while he has not been making blissfully well thought out tunes with Belle and Sebastian (AKA forever). Anyhow turns out he’s been writing a musical film that is due to be shot next year. Am guessing that he has run into the usual trouble of trying to get a film made (trying to get some one to pay for it). While all the details are being sorted out, he has put together all the music from the film and slapped it on an album.

God Help The Girl, is a mix of various people’s singing voices over Murdochs’ lyrics (Neil Hannon turns up again). The result is a pleasant sounding record that reminds me of something like the Andrews sisters mixed with some modern vocals.  There are two Belle and Sebastian covers performed in a very different fashion…sexy you might say, I can imagine some war time dolly bird sat on a piano signing these songs in a alluring fashion while I smoke myself to and early grave, dressed in a shape officer’s uniform…navy obvs…

I spent abou 40 mins looking for this image....ENJOY IT!

I spent about 40 mins looking for this image....ENJOY IT!

If you have not heard of the record then I would suggest at least a listen through Spotify (link here) I find it lovely but it’s probably not everyone’s bag, but make up your own minds.

However, it did come out in June, it might have been massive  and I just missed it.


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