Bingley Music Live – fun, fun, fun!

Bingley Music Live 2009! – forget Leeds Fest…

BML’s a fantastic music three day-er in the picturesque setting of Myrtle Park in Bingley (near Bradford).  So many bands were brilliant but  my favourite moments were spent dancing to Editors (proper anthems), Reverend & the Makers (ripping it up and going for it the day after Jon and his now wife got married!) , Calvin Harris (all the kids wearing specs and loving the disco vibe)…seeing Ocean Colour Scene and Top Loader was  great – didn’t realise how many of their tunes I knew!

Also, a big thumbs up to Disco Machine Gun, The Little Black Hearts, Spike Island and vAndal supreMe. They opened the procedings on Saturday and Sunday. Confess I didn’t catch all the sets (busy sticking my nose back on…see video for details) but got great feedback from punters and BCB’s broadcast of DMG & TLBH sets. Know this is a bit daft but felt really excited and happy for all four bands – seeing you go through the competition to get there, the band playoffs in Shipley, into BCB for sessions and then on the big stage – I’m a right softy but a very proud one! Hope something good comes from the opportunity.

I’ve recorded some tasty morcels for you…tune into ‘The BCB Sessions’ this Wednesday night at 9pm to catch interviews with Reverend & the Makers, Editors and The Futureheads. I’ll also pop them up on here for you as soon as I’ve got myself out of big weekender mode and into ‘organised mode’.

If you want to see some top bands doing things they wouldn’t usually do in an interview, here’s a little something I made earlier…starring big bands (not elastic), a whole host of revellers (maybe you???) and more celebrities.


3 thoughts on “Bingley Music Live – fun, fun, fun!

  1. avatarMusicLover

    When will BCB’s specialist evening music shows be podcast, by the way?

    Been waiting years, but still no music podcasts like available on most radio stations.

  2. avatarLaura Rawlings


    Thumbs up to BML and being a bit daft!

    Good point about podcasts of music shows but unfortunately we can’t make them available as listen again on the net because of a music rights issue. Some stations (big national ones, you know who I mean) have negotiated rights with record companies for ‘listen again’ options but when it comes to music shows we’re still in the ‘miss it miss out’ clan. Sorry…we’re working on it.

    As a treat for listening in realtime, I’ll give you a name check on tonight’s show (9/9/9 @9pm….ahh!).

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