Kitty (Daisy and Lewis AWOL)

The hair could rival the T-Birds

Quiffs to rival the T-Birds

The London lols continue. Not putting on a radio show every week means I have been putting my efforts into interviews and a few other interesting projects (more on that soon). It also means that there are alot of bands kicking around…thus more interviews.

I decided to chase after BCB favorites Kitty Daisy and Lewis at one of there few gigs, I passed the CRB with flying colours, found my way onto the guest list (thanks Andy at Sunday Best) and spent about 4 hours chasing them around. At five to twelve I finally managed to get Kitty to stand still long enough to answer a few questions the results of which can be heard below, I am also spending a little more time editing my interviews so these should be a little more interesting to listen too ….I missed the last tube and had to suffer the night bus for a hour and a half…the things I do for you guys.

Oh there is a swear in the interview…so watch out…