When Big Joan Sets Up 25/3/10 – A Reading from The Book of M.E.S.


Mark E Smith

And for two years they did wander in the wilderness without any new Fall records until there came to pass a new single – and lo’ it was ace. And the children of Bradford came forth saying “Where hast thou been , O grumpy Mancunian bard of non sequiturs?” and he did say unto them “I’ve got milk on my elbow – ah!” – and they did understand that he was a genius and a bit bonkers as well.

And they saw that this was good and went off to beseech the almighty Domino Records to bestow upon them a copy of the new LP and they did so in a nice way because they did get loads of free records and they did not want to looketh a gift horse in the mouth. And as they went they sayeth unto themselves “That’s what happens when you get your biblical references off Wikipedia”

And there came forth a great howling and gnashing of teeth (from those who had teeth to gnash) and it sounded like this.

Commie Dread – “Rock N Rolla” (v/a LP – “Loose”) (Bludclot Digital)
The Fall – “Bury Pts. 2+4″ (7”) (Domino)
Pifco – “UK Adults” (CD Single) (Run of the Mill)
Prince Alla – “Last Train To Africa” (v/a LP – “Jammy’s From The Roots 1977 -1985) (Greensleeves)
Black Cobra – “Negative Reversal” (LP – “Chronomega”) (Southern Lord)
Mutated Forms – “Ready When You Are” (EP- “Ready When You Are”) (Grid)
Big Star – “September Gurls” (LP- “Radio City”) (Ardent)
Rot Shit – “Hipster Grandma” (EP – “You’re Welcome”) (Colombus Discount)
Red Rat – “Ready Fi Party” (v/a CD “African Swagga Riddim”) (Double R/ Infinity Moguls)
Pill Wonder – “Wasted By The Screen” (LP – “Jungle Surf”) (Underwater Peoples)
Terror Danjah – “Acid” (12″) (Hyperdub)
Link Wray – “Rumble” (LP- “The Original Rumble”) (Ace)
The White Stripes – “Icky Thump” (LP – “Under Great White Nothern Lights”) (XL)
Dreadzone – “My Face” (LP – “Eye On The Horizon”) (Dubwiser)
The Spilnters – “Electricity” (LP – “Kick”) (Double Negative)
Hannah Peel – “Electricty” (EP – “Re-Box”) (Static Caravan)
Defile – “Hate Me” (Demo 2010) (Self Released)
New Young Pony Club – “Dolls” (LP – “The Optimist”) (PIAS)
Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen – “Ice Cream” (LP- “Christmas With Coyler”) (Upbeat Jazz)


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