Eclectic Mainline 12th May – Fuck Buttons interview

Well, another May, and another life-changing experience at an All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival.  This year, at the Matt Groening event,  it was Boredoms who turned my life upsite down.  They really were phenomenal.   I hope to have some photos to show you soon.  In the meantime, I can show you the back of my head occasionally popping into view during the start of the Spiritualized set.  Several things brought me close to tears, but this song was the one that actually did it.

Fuck Buttons did a couple of DJ sets at the festival, so it was apt that tonight we had an interview with them in my show.  If there is demand for it, I can make the interview available here on the blog as a podcast.  Here’s the tracklist for tonight’s show:

Tender Trap – “Girls With Guns” (single) (Fortuna Pop!)
Davey Graham – “The Rain In The Thicket” (LP – “Playing In Traffic”) (Probe Plus)
Foals – “This Orient” (single) (Warners)
White Hinterland – “Icarus” (LP – “Kairos”) (Dead Oceans)
Shonen Knife – “BBQ Party” (LP – “Super Group”) (Tomato Head)
Built To Spill – “Good Ol’ Boredom” (LP – “There Is No Enemy”) (ATP Recordings)
Liars – “The Overachievers” (single) (Mute)
CocoRosie – “Lemonade” (LP – “Grey Oceans”) (PIAS)
Fuck Buttons interview
Fuck Buttons – “Olympians” (single) (ATP Recordings)
Teenage Fanclub – “The Past” (LP – “Shadows”) (PeMa)
The School – “Hoping And Praying” (LP – “Loveless Unbeliever”) (Elefant Records)
Neu! – “Crazy” (LP – “Neu! ’86) (Grönland)
The Wave Pictures – “I Shall Be A Ditchdigger” (EP – “Sweetheart”) (Moshi Moshi)