Do you know, we were so busy chatting away behind the scenes on our radio show that we forgot to name-check Those Dancing Days and Caribou, which is very rubbish of us. And Those Dancing Days deserve special mention as they lead the Wichita girl-pop revolution, a revolution that should be acknowledged. Germaine Greer made a point of saying there still aren’t many women in bands, when I went to see her in Halifax last week. I know what you’re saying, Germaine, I really do, but there are actually LOADS of fannytastic musicians out there – we have no trouble finding stuff to play on Radio Buffet. Anyroad, before I tell you what we did play on our radio show, let me share with you something Ms Greer did teach me that I never knew before. It’s a new term of endearment for ladyparts – Bearded Clams! Kept me amused for days that did…

Here’s what me, EmmaBob3 and Elias played – hope you enjoyed it:

Theme from I Love Lucy
Duchess Says – Teneu Non Neu
Crystal Castles – Magic Spells
Foo Fighters – All my Life
Those Dancing Days – Hitten
Caribou – Odessa
Lifescreen – Redshift
John Spencer Blues Explosion – Bell Bottoms
The Evens – Crude Bomb
Coco Rossi – Beautiful Boyz
Spunkle – Theme From Spunkle
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Graceland
Edwin Starr – Easing In
Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline)

And as a bonus, here are some websites to enjoy if you’re browsing.

Maria x


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  1. avatarMaria

    Whoopsy. The facebook link doesn’t work – it’s for a group for anyone who loves a bit of cowbell. So when you’re next on facebook just search for ‘The Cowbell’.

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