When Big Joan Sets Up – 12/8/10 – Doris Day on the Kop

Epic tunes passing the 8 minute mark from Endless Boogie and Un, new stuff from Peverelist and Marnie Stern , the chillwave revolution continues with Teen Daze and yet another new Lee Perry LP – All this and Doris Day’s tribute to Liverpool F.C. – You missed it again, didn’t you?

Mr Oizo and Garpard Auge – “Rubber” (12″) (Ed Banger)
Endless Boogie – “Top Dollar Speaks His Mind” (LP- “Full House Head”) (No Quarter)
Dave Bartholomew – “The Monkey Speaks His Mind” (LP – “The Big Beat of Dave Bartholomew”) (Crescent City Soul)
X- Tension – “Dynamite Sounds” (EP – “Dynamite Sounds”) (Destruction)
Marnie Stern – “For Ash” (download)
Teen Daze – “Neon ” (EP – “Four More Years”) (Arcade Sound)
Lee Perry – “Used To Drive A Tractor in Negrile” (LP – “Revelation”) (Megawave)
The Muleskinners – “Backdoor Man ” (EP- “Knockout R&B”) (Acid Jazz)
Knife Fight – “Mass Hysteria” (EP – “Isolated”) (Painkiller)
Astral Planes – “Doris Day” (EP- “Sit Still Child”) (Lucky Number Nine)
Doris Day – “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (LP – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”) (Columbia)
DJ Nate – “We Can Work This Out” (EP – “Hatas Our Motivation”) (Planet Mu)
Un – “Can of Beans” (Download LP – “Honest Strings – A Tribute to The Life and Work of Jack Rose”) (Jack Rose LLC)
Peverelist – “Better Ways of Living” (12″) (Punch Drunk)