When Big Joan Sets Up 19/8/10 – Now Reduced to Stealing Ideas From Radio 2

We’re not above the petty theft of intellectual property on When Big Joan Sets Up and so we’ve nicked an idea from Brian Matthew’s Sounds of the Sixties on Radio 2. A fine programme, if only for the fact that for every cracking Small Faces album track and Northern Soul stomper that he plays,there’s a shit Petula Clark b-side which provides excellent ammunition against the “they don’t write them like they used to” brigade. (The answer to this question, by the way is “Yes they do, you just stopped listening and started buying fucking Jamie Cullum CD’s from Asda”)

Anyway, Bri does an unending A-Z of The Beatles, so I thought we’d do an A-Z of The Fall which started this week with the fine “Australians In Europe”.

Next week, snooker on the radio. Quack quack oops.

Beenie Man – “Find A Gyal” – (download) (Hunny Bunny Riddim)
Smokejumper – “Exploding Houses, Dirty Floors” (LP – “Smokejumper”)(Better Half)
Clinic – “I’m Aware” (7″) (Domino)
Le Crabe – “Echter Gangsta” (v/a download LP – “Breakcore Con Patatas”) (Day of The Droids)
Boris and Ian Astbury – “Teeth and Claws” (EP – “BXI”) (Southern Lord)
Lonnie Donegan – “Streamline Train” (LP- “Sundown”) (Universal)
DJ D – “Live 4″ (12”) (Hardcore Blasters)

A-Z of The Fall – A
“Australians in Europe” (12″ “Hit The North”) (Beggars Banquet)

Natcha Atlas – “Batkallim” (LP – “Mounquaiba”) (World Village)
Sex Church – “I Don’t Want To Die” (LP – “6 Songs From Sex Church”) (Convulsive)
Sky Larkin – “Spooktacular” (LP – “Kaleide”) (Witchita)
George Thorogood and The Destroyers – “Madison Blues” (LP – “George Thorogood and The Destroyers”) (Rounder)
Junior Reid – “Love Your Brothers” (7″) (Promo)
Starslinger – “Minted” (LP – “Volume 1”) (free download from Starslinger.net)
Future Beat Alliance – “Machines Can Help” (12″) (Tresor)


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  1. avatarPatrick Selection Box

    I discovered that Jo Good on 6Music is doing a featured called Old, New, Borrowed & Blue last week. Coincidence? I think not.

    Oh, and in other non-BCB related despatches, answer your ruddy text messages, you ignorant pig.

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